Celebrate Friendship Day 2019 - Ideas, Quotes, Wishes & More

Friendship day is a period (August 4, 2019) when we get to truly appreciate and show those individuals we refer to as our friends how much they mean to us and that we truly do care.

Friendship Day is the perfect occasion to let your friends know how much they are needed and loved. The day calls for celebrations and enjoyment in the company of closed pals and buddies!! The best way to celebrate Friendship Day would be to spend the day in a way your friendship group enjoys the most. Friendship day 2019 is around the corner & we must be brainstorming on how to show appreciation to our close friends and pals.
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In case you want to be creative and do something different to mark this significant day, here are some Friendship Day celebration ideas just for you. So go ahead and have a fabulous and over the top Friendship Day celebration!

1. Special Texts & Quotes:

Specially written messages and texts to express how much your friends have mattered to you over the years. This is also a means to convey your innermost feelings & also to mend up any unsaid emotion.
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2. Camping Trip:

A camping trip can be your opportunity to check out your favorite piece of outdoor recreational activity such as rock climbing, cliff jumps & rock climbing in the midst or company of your best pals. Just go for an activity which the entire squad will enjoy & remember.

3. Recollect sweet & memorable moments:

A great way to celebrate friendship day 2019 is to recollect sweet & memorable moments in a way that is most intimate and casual. This can also be the most touching & emotional friendship day activity for you as you get to remember, rewind & relive your time spent together.

4. Organize a friendship day party:

One of the most special way to celebrate friendship day would be to hold a party for your friends both new and old. Although this will require a little bit of work in terms of planning & organization especially if you're going solo on that note.

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5. Sharing thoughts and opinions:

For a lot of individuals, the best kind of friendship day celebration is most probably a heart to heart conversation, sharing everything that has mattered to both of you & catching up on old times.

Happy Friendship day wishes or Messages:

  1. Happy Friendship day! Wishing that you be surrounded by true real individuals only.
  2. Happy Friendship day you guys! Wishing you a long-lasting friendship.
  3. Happy Friendship day! Wishing you growth in your relationship & cheers to making new awesome friends.
  4. Happy Friendship day! Here is wishing you a fun-filled memorable celebration with all your pals.
  5. Happy Friendship day! Wishing you & all your friends both new & old the very best on this day and beyond.
  6. Today is a special day when we get to celebrate one of the greatest gifts in life and that is your friendship. Happy friendship day!
  7. Happy friendship day! To always understand & be understood is one of the rare qualities of true friendship.
  8. Your friend is one who knows all your flaws, bad sides & weaknesses but still sticks by you despite it all. Happy friendship day! I am lucky to call you as a friend.
  9. A real friend is one who believes in you when you've stopped believing in yourself. Happy friendship day buddy!
  10. A true friend is one who walks in when the rest walks out. Happy Friendship day Pal!
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1. Photo Highlights:

This is very simple, just go through old & current pictures showing memorable & happy moments and hang up with beautiful pins on a ribbon or on balloons. There's no better reality check than looking at old photos of great times throughout your friendship. You're celebrating with old & new pals. What a feeling to revel in!

2. Colorful Paper Plates Backdrop:

Create this super fun and colorful backdrop with beautiful brightly colored paper plates, for pictures with all your friends (and maybe just one or two selfies). And guess what? It's just paper plates!

3. Confetti Balloons:

Though matter the occasion balloons & confetti never gets out of style. Welcoming your close friends with giant balloons is probably the best way to celebrate friendship day 2019, don't you think? And you might as well add some confetti in there too because I mean it sparkles.

4. Memory Jar:

Have your guests take a trip down memory lane and write down all of the amazing times you've had together. At the end of the night, you can read about the impact that each person who was invited have on your life. All you need for this super easy decoration is a clear, labeled jar and colorful cardstock!

5. Drink Stand:

You've got that right, you can never go wrong with this idea. Instead of stashing drinks in a cooler, make a drink stand. Repurpose an old end table and paint it with cool colors that represents a mutual entity to all of you. Stack water, straws, and mason jars.


  1. It is a blessing to have a friend this amazing. Happy friendship day.
  2. Happy friendship day & cheers to many more years of being great friends.
  3. Friends come & go but the true one always stick around. Happy friendship day buddy.
  4. Happy friendship day pal! I met you as a stranger, we became friends I hope it grows into family.
  5. The best cure for a bad day is a good friend. Happy friendship day!
  6. Happy friendship day! Thank you for sticking around long enough 
  7. This message says thank you for all that you are & all that you do. Happy friendship day.
  8. Your friendship is precious to me. Happy friendship day!
  9. Happy friendship day, using this opportunity to wish us a healthy long lasting friendship.
  10. Happy friendship day pal! For always making me smile & be happy. God bless you.


  1. Tickets to the movies.
  2. Dinner at an exquisite restaurant.
  3. Tickets to a concert.
  4. Road trip.
  5. A customized BFF T-shirt.
  6. A complete Makeup Kit (for the ladies).
  7. Beauty & makeup case (for the ladies).
  8. Boxing training gloves (for the gents).
  9. A trip to the spa.
  10. A massage session.

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