50 Text Messages For Best Friends

Our best friend's need to be reminded of the special bond we have with them and one way of doing this is through sweet messages, specifically written for our best friend's. Messages from friends play an important role in strengthening our relationship with them.

Best friend text messages go a long way to keep our relationship energized, it motivates us when we are down and also uplifts our spirits.
Text Messages for best friends

Here are top 50 Best Friend text messages:

1. May the force be with you
    May the odds be in your favor
    May love be your portion
    And may we always remain the best of friends.

2.  A special friend is hard to find, difficult to let go of and impossible to forget. True friends are never apart maybe in distance, but not in heart.

3. My best friend: someone you can only stay mad at for so long because you have important things to talk about.

4. Best Friend's!? Well, I guess you could call us that, but I think we are more like family.

5. Hey best friend, though we may have our squabbles here & there, I will always love and appreciate the crazy, fun moments we share.

6. When I am down my best friend raises me up.
    When I am sad my best friend makes me happy.
    When I am weak my best friend pushes me to strength.
Thank you for been there for me buddy.

7. Every day I get to spend, talk and be with you reminds me of the importance of friendship and company. You are not only my best friend but my best communicator.

8. Hey best friend, we have come so far in our friendship that I now consider you more of the family than a friend, thank you for coming into my life.

9. Though we may fight, though we may hate other's guts, though we may disagree half of the time, you still remain my best friend.

10. If I should write down all your good attributes, there wouldn't be a book large enough to contain my words, you have got only one bad side and that is you love me way too much best friend.

11. I couldn't wait till friends day to tell you how much I appreciate our friendship, you have shown me the true meaning of friendship & love. Thank you best friend for all that you do.

12. I am so attached to your best friend that sometimes I do not know what to do without ya, it just reminds me of the important role you play in my life best friend.

13. Buddy, you make me feel so special and loved whenever we are together, I am free around you, I am able to express my hidden emotions. I am so lucky to have you as a best friend.

14. Who motivates, energizes, encourages & strengthens me!? My best friend, my best pal, my best buddy you are awesome!

15. I admire so much about you best friend your adorable charm, your great looks, your funny humor. Thank you for being fabulous.

16. My best friend is the one individual who brings out the best in me.

17. Friends listen to what you say, they tell you what you need to know, but best friends listen to what you don't say and tell you only but the truth.
18. There are mighty and little ships but the best ship of all is our friendship.

19. Here is to appreciating an individual I adore, a friend I cherish and a pal I cannot do without. Thumbs up best friend.

20. Who knew being friends, best friends for that matter with you would bring so much gladness and joy to me! You are one of a kind.

21. Your aura brightens my day.
      Your jokes make me chuckle so hard.
      Your craziness makes it all the more fun, thanks for being there best friend.

22. When it comes to friendship affairs you are the expert, you truly know how to giddy me up. Thanks for being a cool best friend.

23. Your company puts everything into perspective best friend, you truly are a rare breed. You listen with so much understanding, you care with so much Genuity, you are my fab pal.

24. Even though we have our own different life, interests, and hobbies we have something in common and that is our love & admiration for cool crazy stuff.

25. When we fight I feel a void & emptiness deep down because of how attached I am to you. You are an intoxicating best friend, let's be friends forever.

26. Our friendship has weathered the storms, it has stood the test of time, and most definitely is bound to last forever. Looking forward to a stronger better friendship.

27. Paddy, I just thought you needed to know this, ever since we became friends, best friends for that matter you have filled my life & days with so much cool fun moments, I have even forgotten what sadness feels like. Looking forward to more of that pal.

28. Best friend you have such a rare personality, a good heart, and an awesome fabulous vibe. Just keep being you.

29. Being best friends with you makes everything to feel right.
      Your mind & astuteness awe me
      Your empathy fills me with warmth
       Every day is special with ya, just felt I should let you know.

30. How did we get to be best friends in all this craziness? I guess I am lucky and I want you to know that.

31. Having a best friend so kind, sweet & adorable as you qualify as goals. I have no words to express your awesomeness.

32. A day without my best friend is boring
      A day without your company is dull
      A day without your jokes is gloomy
      My point is every day with you is worth looking forward to.

33. I have no words to explain my attachment to you. I am so thankful for you and our friendship.

34. A best friend is one who:
Forces you to chase after your dreams
Pushes you to reach your goals
Encourages you to conquer your worst fears.
    And you are all of that and more.

35. I am so blessed to have someone so affectionate, adorable, considerate and cheerful to call my best friend. You are fab.

36. Hey, best friend you know you make my life so delightful. There is no dull moment with you because you remind me of how important it is to live each day to the fullest.

37. Our friendship is very special to me, your happy cheery nature is so infectious and contagious. I have no words to explain what we have. I am Grateful best friend.

38. I have so much to appreciate you for pal, you have been there during the heartbreaks, the difficult times, through the rough patches and darkest hour. I hope I can be there for you when you need it most.

39. The more you praise and celebrate your friend, the more there is in your friend to celebrate. Here is to celebrating you my best friend.

40. Today you are my best friend, yesterday you were my best friend and I know you will be my best friend tomorrow & forever.

41. Ever since we've been best friend's it seems as though you never age but instead, you only get better at what you do.

42. Because time itself is like a spiral period, you need someone to talk to & be totally free with and that person is your best friends.

43. And I'm sure you would agree that it wouldn't fit more perfectly than to have a single best friend like you in the whole wide world.

44. I wish you love, peace, joy, and happiness. I wish you better than your heart desires and I wish we remain best friends forever.

45. Ever since we became best friend's, our friendship has never and will never go out of style.

46. To the one who knows the song in my heart and sings to me lovely melodies, when my tune fails. To the one who listens to the voice of my troubles & whispers into my ears comforting soothing words.

47. Your best friend can turn a bad no good horrible day into one of the best days of your entire life and that's what you do every day.

48. I feel so safe with you that I will prefer to walk with my best friend in the dark rather than walking alone in the light.

49. The only individual who knows when I'm vulnerable is my best friend, be careful with such power pal.

50. My best friend always knows the soft spot to my heart, crazy right? Well, that's my best friend for you!

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