How to Celebrate Wedding Anniversary Successfully

Aside the very many happy celebrations in marriage, one practice every couple adopts to keep good memories blooming is to celebrate wedding anniversary yearly. Most married couples would agree that wedding anniversary avail them the opportunity to show how much they love and care about each other.
How to Celebrate Wedding Anniversary Successfully

The idea around wedding anniversaries is not to show the world that you are married. It is more about appreciating your partner in the best possible way you can. It is about reminiscing both the good and bad times. It is about being thankful to your partner for choosing to share their world with you.

Why is it so important to celebrate wedding anniversary when you can always appreciate your spouse every other day? Here is a simple question to answer that – was your wedding day a special day for you? If yes, then it is definitely worth celebrating every other year. More so, there is something about “dates”, not just dates but “special dates”.  Special dates hold in account special events that are worth celebrating (for instance your birthday). In addition, wedding anniversary tops this list, especially for married couples. There is something about celebrating wedding anniversaries that goes a long way in nourishing more love between couples. Now this is why it is important for everyone to celebrate wedding anniversary. More often than not, even when couples are not with each other in person, they tend to make that day special not matter how far apart they are.

Here we have mind-blowing 25 ideas on how couples can celebrate wedding anniversary

Are you in need of one? Look no further, we got you covered! Try one, two, three, or even all if you can and you sure will celebrate the best wedding anniversary ever!

Go out on a breakfast date

The celebration does not have to start midday, you can celebrating right from breakfast. This idea is actually very much lighter on the wallet if you do not have so much to spend to make the celebration great. After breakfast, you could both go back home and enjoy the rest of your day behind the curtain.

Let the balloons tell the story of your love

This idea is pretty simple yet fascinating. Blow up different colorful balloons and put a piece of paper in each with a nice write up for your partner. As you pop each balloon, you read out what you have written to each other. You could do this at home, set up a small picnic by the beach, at a park, on a mountain and pop those balloons with smiles on your faces.

Throw a party to celebrate the day

If it is called a celebration, it’s definitely worth throwing luxury party. You could throw either a huge party or a small one with a few friends over. It all depends on your budget. Is it your 25years anniversary? Throw a silver theme party. Is it your 50years wedding anniversary? Throw gold colors around the event venue. Such parties are a great time to renew your wedding vows all over again in the most romantic way. To make it more special, learn how to say your vows in different languages – yeah, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, German, French any language you choose. With friends and family around, say aloud these vows in the different languages with them as witnesses, just like on your wedding day.

Bake your cake together

Do you want to go easy on your budget for a cake? Instead of getting someone to do it for a price, why not bake you anniversary cake together? It’s going to be part of the fun too. It does not matter whether you and your spouse know a thing about baking. Let out your creativity, try out that favorite cake recipe and have fun while doing it.

Spend a Daycation at home

You will need to take the day off from work to get this done right. Here the celebration starts and ends at home. Wake up on time to catch the sunrise together as a couple. Prepare a simple but special breakfast and enjoy breakfast in bed with your partner. Relax, talk, share ideas, take a shower together, sing, dance around the house, disconnect from the world and spend the whole day making love to the one you love. For dinner, you could also prepare dinner together or order a take out from a restaurant. Just be sure to spend all 24hrs cuddling up and loving. This idea helps to form deeper connections.

Your wedding anniversary could be a time for picnic

Wedding Anniversary Picnic

On the eve of your anniversary, pack up your favorite things, what you would like to eat, drinks (do not fail to include a bottle of champagne), blanket and all the necessary items for your picnic. On the day of your anniversary, get all your stuffs in the boot and set off to your favorite picnic destination. It could be somewhere in town or anywhere outside town.

Plan a special romantic dinner

If you are a very busy couple, this is a great idea for you. At the close of work, prepare your partners favorite meal with scented candle light gracing the occasion. Conversely, you can make it more special by taking the dinner to the place where you had your first date while dating or as a couple. Order the exact same meal and recreate history in such a beautiful way. Your partner will be so thrilled to know that you remembered every moment of those special moments.

Turn your bedroom into a spa for one night

Everyone enjoys a great time out at a spa. However, your bedroom is just the perfect massage parlor when you turn off the light, light a few candles, play a good romantic song, flowers on the floor with all the essential massage oils. Take turns at giving each other a sensual massage and let the rest be the story of a well-spent anniversary celebration.

Spice it up a bit

Wondering what “it” is? Oh, well your “sex life”. Sex is one of the most important aspects of marriage that may come with daring consequences if you pay less attention to it. If your sex life has become so boring or simply monotonous, your spouse will definitely not be happy (Even if they do not show it). Your anniversary is a great time to set things right. This is the perfect day to go wild – no one needs to know, just the both of you! Do not be afraid to try new sex positions. Take that boring sex outside the bedroom. Try the kitchen, the living room or library. Start with a lot of foreplay and get physical with your heartthrob. This will be a day to remember for your spouse.

Go for a photo shoot

Photo Shoot anniversary

While we keep many memories in our head, pictures do even more. Grab you album and you will find memories of decades of years ago. If you love to keep memories alive, do this on your anniversary day. Your wedding anniversary day is a great day to add a couple of new photos to the album. Book a good photographer and get romantic while posing for the camera. Create beautiful memories and print them out in pictures.

Mother nature and you

If you haven’t gone out camping in a long while, this is a great opportunity to take on that little road trip to your favorite camping destination or simply go online in search for some exciting destination. Spend time with Mother Nature and the love of your life on this occasion. Enjoy a hot romance under the night sky or in front of a bonfire. Enjoy some stargazing time, pull out your wedding album and reminisce about wonderful moments. What better way is there to celebrate wedding anniversary?

Try an activity that screams, “Let’s go wild”

Is there an activity you both have spent a lot of time discussing? Have you dreamt about trying that mind-blowing rollercoaster ride in Texas but you are too scared? How about bungee jumping, sky diving, ride in a hot air balloon? Anything that makes you scream your gut out. Do not do it alone, get all that thrilling adventure with your partner right beside you.

Plan a special weekend

It doesn’t matter what day your wedding anniversary falls on, go ahead and plan that special weekend. Plan a weekend getaway very close to the actual date. Make it more special by making reservations and getting the car packed and ready to go. Choose a destination that your partner has been dying to go to and thrill your partner with a fun they’ll never forget.

Buy your partner a special gift and hide it in a place where they find it

First thing when your partner wakes up where does he/she look? You can hide your partner’s gift under their pillow, purse, pocket, coffee mug. Think about the some of the place that they visit every morning and slip your special gift in there. It will be more memorable waking up to a surprise gift.

Flowers and letters

Flowers are a wonderful way to express love and on your wedding anniversary, that is what you aim at doing – showing love. Gift your dear love a huge bouquet of flower, you can let them wake up to it (Makes it more special). Alongside flowers come letters. Write a personal note, telling them how much you appreciate and love them. This is sure to bring smiles to your partners face.

Lead your partner to a romantic shower

You can try this in the morning before your partner gets out of bed. If you are a busy couple, wait until the close of work. Scatter rose petals around your bedroom that will lead them straight to the bathroom. Help them undress and enjoy this romantic time together. If showers are not a thrill bath experience for you, fill your bathtub with bubble bath and enjoy a romantic bath time together. Do not forget to light up candles or pop up a bottle of wine.

Spend the night in a hotel

Do not mention this idea to your partner, let it come as a surprise. Book a room at your favorite hotel. Invite your partner to join you and sweep them off their feet with a romantic night they will never forget. Decorate your hotel room with roses, scented candles and welcome your partner with a bottle of champagne. Is there a song you both share or enjoy together? Sing that particular song to your sweetheart. It does not matter whether you have a great voice or not - just sing! Spend the whole night talking about each other and making love.

Plan a movie night with your wedding video

movie night wedding ceremony

If you have a video from your wedding, your anniversary is a great time to watch it over some sweet treats or a bottle of champagne. Savor the moment, flash back to the special day that brought you both together on the journey of marriage. This is one of the best ways to spend a memorable time with your beloved.

Take over your partner’s task for one day

This is one of the best ways to make your wedding anniversary memorable. Does your partner do the laundry? Take over that for the day. Does your partner cook, become the chef/cook for the day. Your spouse will definitely appreciate your efforts to make your anniversary a memorable one.

Drive into sunset

On an auspicious occasion like wedding anniversary, plan a time romantic road trip with your spouse, where you both will drive into sunset. Be sure to bring along lots of goodies to enjoy at different stops. While you are out and about, be sure to halt and watch the sunset together.

Have a silly game night

This idea spells wild crazy fun. If you want to go a bit wild with your partner on your anniversary, this is the best time to do that. Find a game that suits the moment. Spend the evening together playing silly sex games - truth or dare, strip off games and any kind of game that allows you to get naughty. The kind of fun you derive from this is the real deal.

Plan a next phase

Far from being a day of celebration, it is a day to recount successful achievement, write down milestones hit together as a couple. Even more, you can take time to set new goals (whether short term and long-term goals). Dream big together, plan a wonderful new year and be sure to work towards your goal.

Record a video and play it to your spouse

This is going to be a very special video telling your spouse how much you love and appreciate them. You could send it to them via any social media channel if they left early for work or are out of town. Play it to them when you both are enjoying a nice time together. Your spouse will never forget this wonderful gift. As they say, people will forget what you said to them, gifted them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Take a tour to several local wine tasting

 If you and your spouse happen to be sommeliers, this is definitely a great option for you. If there is more than one winery in your city, take a tour around them and spend your day having a taste of so many different wines. Enjoy being in each other’s company as you test your skills of being able to identify different wines.

Plan a number of activities

Why not plan an adventurous wedding anniversary. You could have a long list of activities to go round the clock. You could spend one hour or two hours on each activity. Make sure to complete every task scheduled on your list. You could start from breakfast at home or some local restaurant, next stop will be playing your favorite sport together. Plan a spa time, go see movie, go shopping, hiking, swimming and finally dinner. Make your dinner special and romantic, as it might just be the last thing one list before you draw the curtain in your room.

If you want to celebrate wedding anniversary without hiccups, arrange your schedule in such a way that you both will skip work on that day. Stay off anything related to work. Even your emails can wait until the next day. Dedicate the day strictly to your spouse, stay off your mobile devices. You are free to welcome only a few calls or stay off your phone totally. In addition, whatever you do, do not allow financial challenges to get in the way of celebrating to the fullest. Go all out to enjoy your partner in the simplest yet breathtaking way. It does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Take time to enjoy each other and spend more time falling in love again.

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