150 Awesome and New Happy Birthday Wishes

Aside the all-favorite “happy birthday song”, one tradition that has become an absolute necessity since antiquity is sending birthday wishes to friends and loved ones. These birthday wishes could be handwritten on beautifully designed handcrafted cards. They could be filled in on personalized/ customized birthday cards or probably sent as text messages. Spicing things up a little, you can simply read out your wish to your loved one. It all depends on how magical you want the moment to turn out. Happy Birthday WishesFrom cakes to candles, music, dancing, intense laughter, delicious dishes, fancy presents, unforgettable moments, birthdays are always a thrill. More than that, they are always enchanting as everyone looks forward to a wish or two on their birthdays. Although there are some now-so-popular wishes these day, what people desire mostly are uniquely written wishes/texts. Such that resonates with the celebrant. The kind of wish that reads all the pleasant emotions in a few lines of sentences. And yes, we know that is what you want.

Even more, we know it is quite difficult to find the perfect birthday wish for your loved one. Relax and don’t sweat it! With this article, you can afford to make your special persons’ next birthday a special one. For some inspiration, we have taken time to put together different categories of handpicked, original, awesome, heartfelt and new birthday wishes that will surely make anyone’s day. Whether it is a wish for your friend, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, father, mother, brother or sister; you are sure to find one here. Whether you are hoping to wish your colleague at work a happy birthday, or your teacher in school, feel free to pick from our heartwarming, captivating, tear-jerking, funny, awe-inspiring wishes listed here.

Here are a couple of birthday wishes for special people in our lives

Birthday wishes for lover

  1. May this day be as beautiful as your smile my love. More than that, may all your wishes come true with an extra share of happiness. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday to the one who makes my heart skip a beat. Thanks for all the beautiful memories we share. With hopes of sharing more together.

  3. I’ve never felt so happy with so much peace until you came into my life. You brought so much joy so much happiness into my life. Happy birthday my love.

  4. You gave my whole world a whole new definition and life with you is worth living. Wish you all the pleasant things, Happy birthday sweetheart.

  5. Your touch shows how much you care. Your beautiful smile sets a flame of happiness in my heart. You’re my love and you are my everything – Happy birthday beloved.

  6. If forever is going to be beautiful, that is simply because you will be in it. May our love continue to blossom even on this special day. Have an extraordinary birthday.

  7. I will never trade you for anything in the world. This is simply because you light up my world like no one else has ever done. Happy birthday my love.

  8. Thanks for coming into my life and thanks for bringing the most beautiful things along with you. Enjoy a pleasant birthday my superman.

  9. You are about starting a new year in your life. No matter how old we get or how many memories we share, I promise to hold your hands and walk by your side forever. I love you 

  10. For every moment we spent together, for so much joy you have brought into my life, my wish is that we get to celebrate more of your new age together. Happy Birthday

Birthday wishes for girlfriend

  1. On this day several years ago, heaven lost an angel and now she’s mine. Happy birthday baby, may the heavens continue to keep and preserve you for me. I Love you.

  2. A special birthday to that special someone that’s makes my whole world spark. You are the most important thing in my life and I wish you all the best things you desire.

  3. You are the best thing that has happened in my life and I bless today, the day you were born to this world. Happy birthday my heart beat.

  4. May the best things be yours this day. May all your innermost desires come true. You know why? Because you deserve the whole world. Happy birthday my warrior princess.

  5. Never feel insecure because you are perfect for me. It doesn’t matter what any other person think – you’ll always be the best for me. Happy birthday baby.

  6. Darling you are just like fine wine, you get better and sweeter as the years go by. I’m grateful you chose to stay in my life all these while. Happy birthday to the woman of my dreams.

  7. Out of all of the girls, you are my one and only special girl. I celebrate you today my darling. Loads of hugs and kisses to say I love you now and always will.

  8. I will shout, I will sing and I will let the whole world know that a queen was born today. To the most beautiful gift I ever received, Happy birthday darling.

  9. Today is your day, eat cake, drink wine, dance hard. It only comes once a year. Enjoy your birthday and don’t forget I love you with all of me.

  10. You are a blessing to humanity but God’s special package to me and I will cherish you forever. Happy birthday and may your day be filled with laughter.

Birthday wishes for boyfriend

  1. If I could, I would light up the world in different beautiful colors to celebrate your birthday. That’s because you deserve nothing short of the best. Have fun on your Birthday.

  2. Happy birthday to the one that makes me smile without a reason. On this special day, I am sending you a bouquet of love and happiness. I will never leave you even for a New York styled bagel. 

  3.  You’re the one I love but most importantly you are my best friend. You have showed me the true definition of love. I love you this day and will for a million years.

  4. To my most favorite person in the world, I wish that life brings you a pleasant surprise. May the smile on your face this moment last for a life time. Enjoy your Big Day!

  5. Words will fail me if I try to express how much I love you. That is why you see all of that in my action. I’m happy I am celebrating yet another birthday with you. I cherish you.

  6. When I’m having the worst days, you simply hold my hands and it feels as though the world is no longer in motion. You’re the best thing that has happened to my life. Happy birthday my all!

  7. One of the best days in my life still remains the day that brought us together in love. Being loved by you is a wish come true. Happy birthday to the one that ignites my smile.

  8. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have you. You’re a rare gem and I’m thankful I met you. Happy birthday my charming prince.

  9. Wish you could see right through my heart you’ll know you occupy the largest space in it. May our love remain as young and stronger than ever. Happy birthday my twin flame

  10. You are my double trouble. But more than the trouble you give me, you give me a thousand different reasons to smile. Happy birthday babes.

Birthday wishes for best friend

  1. A best friend like you is what everyone else is missing. Guess I found you right in time and don't forget we're stuck together forever. Happy birthday 

  2. Get ready for an epic embarrassment in public. Yes its your birthday but for me it's a day to celebrate your craziness! I love you.

  3. Hey Buddy, I hope you have a birthday as amazing as you are. Some of the rewards you deserve in life - good health, happiness, prosperity, love, more money and many ladies.

  4. Thanks for laughing at my silly jokes and standing beside me when I do all those stupid and dumb things. Let's try more crazy on your birthday!

  5. I have known you since 6th grade and I still think you are the most amazing. The memories, wild adventures, people, fun, moments, discussions, those are some of the little things that have kept us this long! Happy birthday 

  6.  I would love to think you know me more than I know myself since I am at my realest around you. I hope we continue to stay true to each other no matter what, Happy birthday. 

  7. Someone who I have had the most pointless conversations with, someone who facts around and doesn't feel a single remorse, well that’s you and thats why you are my best friend! Happy birthday 

  8. It doesn't matter who is supposed to be the bad or good influence we accept the blame together, you're my best friend turned sister. Let's have the music rolling on your birthday 

  9. To my own personal cheer leader, my psychologist, my number one fan, but most importantly my best friend for a lifetime, Happy birthday! I love you.

  10. When we hang out, never stop doing those stupid things, those are the things that make the world a little brighter. Thanks for always being there for me.

Birthday wishes for friend

  1. The world may have its idea about friendship. But for me, I want you to know that friendship means YOU. Happy birthday to you my dear friend.

  2. If no one accepts you, I’ll accept you a million times and a day more. You are more than a friend to me and I celebrate you this day.

  3. I have just two wishes for you on your birthday. First may all you wishes come true. Second and most importantly, may our beautiful friendship never end.

  4. Friends are like glitters, they make our world shine beautiful with pleasant hues. You are my dear friend and you radiate the most beautiful hue. Happy birthday dear.

  5. On an auspicious day like this, my wish is that your feet will take you where all your endeavors will meet tremendous success. Happy birthday, have fun!

  6. With you friendship is fun, challenging, endearing, inspiring, annoying, breathtaking, magical. Continue to remain a pain in my ass, I'll still love you anyways. Happy birthday my partner in crime.

  7. When I need a hug you are always there. A shoulder to cry on and I wouldn’t even have to ask. Thanks for showing me what true friendship means. Happy Birthday, I love you.

  8. Other friends will wish you many different things. But I want to wish you just one thing – a crown on your head because you are queen. Don’t forget to light up a candle.

  9. Growing up with you is one of the best gifts of life. We have made mistakes together and we have come out of them better. Thank you for matching my crazy, Happy birthday.

  10. Never seen a person with such a big heart. You love like its your obligation to, you are there for friends without expecting anything in return. Never change that for anything, have a gorgeous birthday. 

Birthday wishes for brother

  1. Here’s to the best brother anyone can ever wish to have. I’m glad you were gifted to me and not anyone else. Happy birthday dear brother.

  2. No one understands me as much as you do and it baffles me because we are two different persons. I want you to know that I love you and you’ll be my best friend forever. 

  3. May your birthday mark the start of a beautiful and exciting future. A brother like you is more than a thousand friends, Happy birthday!

  4. Your favorite color is blue and mine is pink. That doesn’t stop you from going all pink if I ask you to and that's because you understand my craziness. You bring out the best in me brother, Happy birthday to you.

  5. Sometimes we are like two soldiers on a battle field, other times we are as sweet as sucrose. But guess what? All the best moments I have had them with you. Happy birthday brother!

  6. Childhood was fun with you in it. Even now my life is still fun. To the best brother anyone could ever ask for, I’m proud of you. Happy birthday 

  7. When I need a friend you are always there, a motivator and you walk me all the way to my goals. I've only grown to be who I am because I watched your every step. Happy birthday brother.

  8. While I know its your birthday and wish you all the best, don’t forget we are going out to party tonight. Rock those dancing shoes cause is gonna to be a blast! 

  9. Going down memory lane I will never erase a single moment we spent together. Even now, your birthday simply reminds me of all the roles you played in my life. YOU ROCK!

  10. Pop some champagne, ring the bells, sound the alarm! I can’t wait to tell the world its your birthday. You’re the best brother and I trust you with my world. Happy birthday man!

Birthday wishes for sister

  1. To the rock I can always lean on when I need an advice, I love you. To the one shoulder that will never turn me down, I feel lucky to have you. Love you now and always sister. Happy birthday.

  2. You have the perfect word for any situation. Your have the perfect smile to quench any anger. More than that you always know how to brighten my day – Happy birthday sis

  3. Although I never loved sharing my toys with you when we were much younger. Now I only wish you could share my world with me forever. With so much love on your Happy birthday

  4. Thanks for all the hugs, thanks for all the goodnight kisses. And for sharing your childhood with me, a wish come true. Happy birthday dear sister.

  5. You are more precious to me than the treasures of this world. If I'm given another opportunity, you’d still be my choice sister. Best wishes, I love you!

  6. By virtue of our parents, we became siblings. But how we turned out best friends is still a mystery to me. Thanks for coming as two packages in one – my sister, my best friend

  7. A very awesome birthday to the coolest sister ever. My wish this day is that you find your prince charming and live happily ever after. 

  8. More thrilling experience than the world’s best roller coaster rides is what this sisterhood has given me. I’ll be your sister today and forever, Happy birthday!

  9. Best wishes to an incredible sister on her birthday. You are a true blessing indeed and I could never ask for someone better! Stay cool.

  10. I’m sure you know I love you even though you don’t hear it often. I want to wish you all the best gifts life has to offer – your biggest fan!

Birthday wishes for husband

  1. You will always be my number one choice a million times, over and over. Even when you start to wrinkle, I'd still choose you. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams.

  2. My prayers were answered the moment I said “I do”. You have been my rock and my cynosure. You complete me in a way I cannot imagine. Happy birthday

  3. Sure I would have stolen you from another woman if she had you. But guess I’m lucky you chose me. Happy birthday baby boo.

  4. You are a beautiful gift to our family. My kids are so proud to call you Dad and I’m most proud to call you my love. Happy birthday sugar!

  5. A hug from you and all my pain disappears. You deserve the best things today so I saved you a thousand hugs and kisses to celebrate this day – Happy birthday my better half.

  6. Guess whose birthday it is today? The one that forms the most beautiful patterns in the kaleidoscope of my life. The aura you emit is as bright as your smile – I will always love you.

  7. You choose my happiness over yours, how kind can a person be? Every moment with you is beautiful and exceptional – may your new age be filled with endless bliss

  8. Here’s to an incredible husband and a loving father – you are irreplaceable. Years have passed and we are still waxing stronger. It is my dream to grow old and grey with you.  

  9. I gave you my heart and you have held it as gentle and as sweet as no one could. You have never given me a reason to regret my choice – Happy birthday Honey bun.

  10. You may not be the perfect husband but you do all the little things that makes a huge difference. For that I love you and always will. Happy birthday my world.

Birthday wishes for wife

  1. My idol, the strongest woman I have known in my entire life. I look at you and draw the strength to pull through anything. You are my star and I love you.

  2. Thanks for understanding me more than anyone else. Couldn’t have imagined life without you in it. Sure I would have been lost – Happy birthday my jelly bean

  3. You know me like I’m your favorite book. You have memorized every page, learnt everything about me. It amazes me how one person can do that. I guess I’m the luckiest man after all.

  4. When I’m having a terrible day at work, all I have to do is picture your beautiful smile and I can stand again. I’d choose you over a legion of women, happy birthday my angel

  5. Years feel like moments, every day feels like a day of possibility and that is because you are in it. Happy birthday to the missing piece of my puzzle.

  6. We have shared so much together – love, pain, tear, laughs, hurts, joy, failures, triumphs. Ask me who I want to do that with over again – It’ll still be you. Happy birthday my smoochie

  7. In my list of favorite women, you don’t occupy the first spot – You are the only one on the list. Thanks for being a friend, partner, lover, mother, sister and everything. Happy birthday apple pie!  

  8. Everyone has a wife but I love my wife best and that’s because she’s amazing. Hey guess what? I’ll always be there as your night in shinning armor – I celebrate you today and always. 

  9. When I thought our wedding day will be the happiest day of my life, I realized that every day with you always gets better. Happy birthday to my woman my everything!

  10. If this were a fairy tale story, I’m sure I would have been the prince charming who rescued you. I can’t imagine forever without you in it. Shine baby, shine – Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for daughter

  1. You were only a baby a while ago. But I’m so proud of the woman you have become over time. Happy birthday my dear daughter.

  2. I promise I will always be there whenever you need me – you can count on these words. Enjoy a blast on your birthday my dearest daughter. 

  3. One of the greatest joys of motherhood is having a daughter. But having one like you is simply magical. Happy birthday to the best girl in the world.

  4. The day you were born I was the happiest. Even today I still feel that same joy anew. I am most proud to call you daughter. Happy birthday sweetheart.

  5. My wishes for you his day are success, happiness, good health and joy unbounded. Continue to grow positively in all endeavors. I love you so much!

  6. I never knew how good I was doing as a parent until I watched you grow and realized I raised an amazing young lady. Happy birthday my dearest daughter.

  7. The day you came into my life I was overwhelmed. You barely weighed a few kilogram. But look how much you have grown today. I'll always love you my dear daughter.

  8. No matter how much you grow, you will still be my little angel. I love you now and always, Have a wonderful birthday.

  9. You used to love your birthday cakes with so much sprinkle on them. Little wonder your world is so colorful today. Happy birthday my sweet daughter.

  10. I still remember the nights we stayed up talking about your worries while drowning in a bowl of ice cream. If you ever need a listening ear I'm right here to lend you mine – happy birthday angel.

Birthday wishes for son

  1. All these years I have watch you grown from little to a fine young man. I am proud to have an amazing son like you. Have a lovely birthday!

  2. I am so fortunate to have a wonderful son like you. With each year you keep taking tons of steps further and I admire your courage. Enjoy your birthday son.

  3. Even when you feel too embarrassed to be pampered like a baby in the midst of your friends, I’ll continue to do that because you are my baby. I love you to the moon and back son.

  4. Every day I thank God for a gift like you. You radiate so much positive energy and make everyone around you happy. Happy birthday my dear son

  5. What an honor and privilege to be the mother of an oh-so-adorable gentle young man. You are always loved by me son, happy birthday to you.

  6. When you were much younger, I protected you and shielded you from any harm. Now I see you doing the same thing for me. What better son would I have asked for? Happy birthday to you.

  7. You turned out just like your dad - a sweet, charming, handsome and caring young man. And yes I know dad and I deserve the parents of the year award.

  8. As much as we enjoy being your parents, we can’t wait to celebrate more birthdays with you so that you get married and we can enjoy being grandparents.

  9. Thank you for making our hearts burst with pride. We hope you have the happiest birthday today and even a happier future and lifetime.

  10. We have both watched each other grow older and in all these years I would never erase a single memory. Proud dad of an amazing son – have a blast!

Birthday wishes for mother

  1. Mom you are the best gift life ever gave to me, couldn’t have asked for a better replacement. Happy birthday my dearest mom!

  2. I’m excited to be among the lucky kids that call you mom. Sure every kid around the block is jealous of that! Thanks for sharing my world – Happy birthday.

  3. I love you mom but I feel even more favored because you love me twice as much. Wishing you a very wonderful birthday. Cheers to a new age!

  4. You thought me everything I know – for such a young mom how do you know so much? I wish to be as amazing as you are in a few years. Enjoy your birthday

  5. I think I need to be honest right now. You don’t make the best apple pies in the world but you sure do give the best hugs, kisses and head scratches. Happy birthday!

  6. Yes, its about that time to hit your new age. Thankfully you are still mom but I’ll make you grandma soon. Happy birthday mom.

  7. To the most kindhearted, graceful, bravest, strongest and hardworking woman I know, wish I could buy you the world. Happy birthday from your secret favorite child.

  8. You have seen me angry, you have seen me happy, you have seen me stupid and in my worse state. In all you gave me love – Happy birthday mom.

  9. May you continue to grow in strength and surprise yourself with all of the positive energy that comes alongside this growth. Happy birthday to my mom for eternity!

  10. You hear the sound of my voice and you can tell the exact problem. Who would know me more than myself – well that would be you! Even on this day, I can’t love you less mom.

Birthday wishes for father

  1. My father, my hero, the one who has dedicated and sacrificed so much of his life to my existence. A lot of me is made from you – Happy birthday my superman! 

  2. You taught me all the important lessons, you gave me all the fatherly love. Simply because of that I know I wont get life wrong. Happy birthday dad!

  3. On your birthday you deserve nothing short of the best. For all your love, sacrifices, care and for holding your family together. I love you dad lets go sky diving!

  4. Mere looking at you, I’m certain I will be a great dad. I just have to follow in your footsteps. You’re one of the coolest dudes I know – Happy birthday dad!

  5. My wish is that we get to spend more time bonding and celebrating more of your birthdays together. I’m a proud son! Love you dad.

  6. You have been a strong pillar to this family and I pray this day marks the beginning of greater milestones of achievements. Happy birthday daddy dearest.

  7. The first man I ever knew, you have set a standard for all other men. You’re an inspiration, my teacher and my friend. Happy birthday dad

  8. Happy birthday dad. Thanks for being there for all my training practice. Even when I missed a shot you always say to me “You can do this”. That's where I got all the strength I have today from.

  9. I'm among the lucky ones to have a great dad like you. You fix the little things I broke, you love me in spite of my mistake and you still think I'm perfect. Happy birthday dad

  10. Dad, thanks for showing me how big the world is and even more intriguing how big a mans heart can be. You’ll always be my most favorite person.

Birthday wishes for teacher

  1. Dear teacher, on this day I wish you so much joy, love, happiness and above all I wish you long life in good health. Happy birthday.

  2. You’re the most caring and friendly teacher of all time. I wish you all the pleasant surprises this day. Happy birthday

  3. I just wonder how your classes happen to be the best and most easy lessons. Well I figured out it’s because you teach with so much love. Happy birthdays

  4. I have always wanted to be a lawyer, but seeing you, I want to be just like you. Impacting lives – I wish you all the best this day.

  5. The characteristics of a good teacher is all I have seen in you. You have studied your students so well and you motivate us differently to evolve in our own worlds. Happy birthday.

  6. You shaped me to be a better person and for that I am thankful. Never stop inspiring young minds like us. Happy birthday

  7. Far from books and science subjects, you have taught me so many principles of life. On your birthday, I wish you all that your heart desires.

  8. It’s your birthday today and while I may no longer be your class student, I’m constantly reminded of all the lessons you thought me. Best wishes on your special day!

  9. If there is one person who taught me to believe in myself then its you. I’ll light up a dozen of candles to celebrate your birthday – best wishes!

  10. May your life be filled with so much love, surrounded with success and happiness as you continue to teach and inspire young generations. Happy birthday 

Birthday wishes for Colleague

  1. You have been such an inspiration to our team. Your ability to understand and work with everyone on this team just overwhelming. Wish you a Happy birthday

  2. My wishes this day is more strength and determination to focus on achieving all your goals. Have an awesome birthday

  3. You are such an incredible colleague. Working with you has taught me so much and I tend to draw strength from your courage. Enjoy a blissful birthday

  4. Thank you for your guidance, thank you for all the times we worked late into the night on projects. I've learnt so much from you – Happy birthday

  5. There is never a boring day in the office with you. Even when we have a pile of work on our desk, you have a way of easing us of some stress. The whole team wishes you a very happy birthday.

  6. Just a quick reminder to say you are getting old and grey, but no worries you are not close to retirement. Congratulations on a new age!

  7. I’m proud to say I have an absolutely terrific colleague – fun to work with, passionate goal-getter, leader of the pack– some amazing things about you. Happy birthday 

  8. I wish you and your family the most amazing blessings this day. Have an oh-so-fantastic birthday. Keep winning!

  9. As you walk across the hallway first thing people see is your brilliant smile. Don’t stop smiling even on this day – have a wonderful birthday! 

  10. Although we are going to be stuck on our desk all day, thankfully we have all night to celebrate your birthday. Rock your best shoes! 

In honor of a person’s birthday, the best acknowledgment you can give is sending birthday wishes to them. Irrespective of age, everyone gets that ecstatic feeling on their birthdays and everyone loves to feel recognized and valued. In fact, everyone looks forward to their birthdays. Perhaps you do not have money for gifts or elaborate presents. Peradventure you want to spoil your loved one with an adventurous get away but simply can’t afford one. Should this be a time to worry? Why not let your heart out in form of written words? Get them drooling in beautiful birthday wishes instead and you’ll see that will go a long way in making their day. Always remember that a simple wish can make a huge difference.

We hope this article satisfied your very need. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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