100 Daily Free Motivational Quotes in English

Both strategic planning and management are prerequisites for living a better life. However, more than that, daily motivational quotes go a long in registering positive bearings in our everyday lives and individual activities. These quotes have a way of affecting how we see ourselves and feel about our entire lives.

Now- Often times we try to get work done, pick up broken pieces, juggle between too many tasks, get back on our grind, live better while keeping our sanity in check, (how can one possible stay afloat of life troubles?) Sadly, wishes are not horses and so we mostly end up with a busy schedule that tends to deter our expectations. Our quality of life and thinking becomes wrapped around tiredness, struggle and unconscious negativity. Our smiles are the shadows of  huge burdens that we alone can understand and our energy begins to drop.
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But guess what? There is something that speaks more better to us in trying times, that is - positive affirmation. They retune and refine the way we think and perceive things, they lift up your chin in the darkest times, they are core determinants of your capacity to stay productive. They put you in charge of every situation in your life. Yes they are just a bunch of said or written words but they go beyond that!

The mind is an object of mystery and what the mind fixes on at a particular time becomes the outcome of a person. So when you are in control of what to think in every situation, when you have the ability to say no to thoughts that way you down, when you create a barricade to shield every form of unhealthy thought, you have just began a journey to attaining success.

While hard work, perseverance and determination can take you to your goals, if you do not have the right kind of motivation, you just might find yourself burning out and falling off your track. Daily motivational quotes are very crucial so I have taken my time to compile this list of motivational quotes to enable you take control, think positively whilst seamlessly achieving your goals. These quotes are the right kind of upliftment you need in the different areas of your life.

Here are some of our unique daily motivational quotes to keep you going:

Motivational quotes for work

  1. Instead of wishing it were easier, strive to be better and it all becomes easy
  2. Every growth revolves around activities of development start working towards developing yourself and you will grow.
  3. You find it difficult do not give up; instead work the harder for it!
  4. The pain and struggle only lasts but a while; the glory on the other end is even better.
  5. If a place is worth going, why look for a shortcut? It doesn’t matter the distance.
  6. Experience and expertise are key requisites for the man who wants to excel.
  7. It becomes so easy to work when you enjoy what you do, learn to choose passion over action
  8. Strive to become better than you are now. This positive energy has a way of affecting everything around you. 
  9. The only person that can push you to do more is YOU. No one else is going to do it for you. 
  10. Nothing can ever beat you if you refuse to give up.

Motivational quotes for students

Motivational Quotes For Students Image
  1. If your dream seems too big, don’t mind people who may call it a fantasy. Hard work will take you there.
  2. Believing you can do it gets you half way through; the other half - hard work and diligence.
  3. It’s never going to be as easy as you think it; in fact it always seem impossible until you achieve.
  4.  When you wait, you only get good things but when you push further you get better things.
  5. You never can tell what such small repeated efforts daily can sum up to- do your best everyday!
  6. Don’t be that person who doesn’t want to make mistakes, an expert was once an amateur.
  7. No one ever started great, that is the beauty of starting
  8. Rather than dwell in your dreams of accomplishing, take the bull by its horns and make things happen.
  9. The pain you feel today will only be a tiny flicker compared to the happiness of tomorrow.
  10. Every new day is an opportunity to learn something new, embrace this saying and you’ll learn better

Motivational quotes for athletes

  1. Do your utmost because after the hurdle comes the trophy. The feeling up there is always better!
  2. Never let your winnings go to your head that is how failure creeps into your heart.
  3. The race is not to the swift or skillful but to the one who would endure until the end.
  4. No great achiever ever made it by falling by the roadside and never rising again.
  5. It is natural to fall. The wounds only remind you of how much you don’t want to hit the ground again.
  6. No matter how strong you think they are, don’t be afraid to face them. Reach down to your soul, give out all you got and you’ll only recount victories.
  7. Did you fail once, twice, and thrice or more? Notice that you always do better than you did the first time – you are gradually unlocking your fullest potential.
  8. Everyone has to work a little harder to win; even renowned champions do it for every battle.
  9. The will to win is a mere illusion anyone can create. The will to work hard for the win is what matters.
  10. Preparing to win starts in the mind, proceeds to your training and ends on the field. 

Funny motivational quotes

  1. People often talk about climbing the ladder of success. Why waste so much time when there’s an elevator?
  2. Everyone has a little spark of madness; let it out when you need to.
  3. Keep chasing after dreams. Eventually you’ll wake up into reality and wished you just spent more time roasting steaks.
  4. Only a retard will choose goals over money. With money, you can achieve your goals. 
  5. There’s no more light at the end of the tunnel; grab your rechargeable led lantern.
  6. Leadership is about bossing people around. You can’t be a leader and a servant at the same time.
  7. There are many camping areas on the road to success. Take break sometime and enjoy the bonfire.
  8. If you want to have a view of the city, send a drone don’t go climbing a mountain, you could fall.
  9. You only live once, do all the crazy stuffs you want but never jump in front of a moving train.
  10. They said laughter is the best medicine. You ever had a toothache?

Motivational quotes for life

  1. The strongest people usually have the toughest story to tell about how life scarred them.
  2. Life is happiness and happiness comes with making the smallest of impact on the lives of people around you.
  3. The most important day in your life is the day you discover your purpose of living.
  4. Life, as much as it seems complex is simple – eat, sleep, take deep breaths, live and let live!
  5. We live to grow and that growth can only come from understanding and accepting the mistakes we have made.
  6. Live your life in the best possible way you can, we all have a limited time 
  7. Approach is all that matters- instead of nagging pray for strength to go through difficult times.
  8. The problem starts with living your fears. How can you live your dream?
  9. We are a reflection of our character. Be more concerned about character than what people think of you.
  10. What is life without challenges? What is a victory without hurdles? Think on it!

Motivational quotes for success

Motivational Quotes For Success
  1. Failure is not incompetence; it is simply success in progress if only you learn from your mistakes.
  2. Those who are successful today were once average people like you and me. They only went the extra.
  3. Learn to say no when you have to; that is one of the key requisites for success.
  4. If everyone agrees with you, you are a failure in disguise. Success attracts critics.
  5. Real success gets its flavor form going from failure to failure, without losing a strand of enthusiasm to push further.
  6. To be successful is in the willingness to learn and assimilation of positive criticism.
  7. Sweat, determination, perseverance and hard work are all that makes a dream a reality.
  8. The measure of success is how high you bounce when you hit rock bottom.
  9. Even when nobody else believes in your dream, stay true to it and focus on your path- success will come.
  10. In the dictionary, hard work comes before success; so do not sit around waiting for an opportunity. Get to work and build a door for yourself.

Motivational quotes for girls

  1. Beauty is far from make up on a pretty face, it is simply having a beautiful soul.
  2. Don't ever let any one make you feel inferior, we are all special and unique in our diversities.
  3. Always wear your cutest smile and your boldest confident. No one can rock that better than you.
  4. The moment you decide to be yourself, that is when people perceive you better.
  5. When you know who you are and accept your imperfections, your passion will burn brighter and you will radiate your essence to everyone around you.
  6. Never drop your crown for any reason. Be an independent, fierce and fearless queen in your world.
  7. Hey sister girl! stop trying to be normal to please everyone around you. You can never unlock your peerless potential.
  8. If you try to be a second rate version of someone else, you are only selling yourself for less the price of who you are.
  9. I am too demanding, too difficult to understand, too strong-willed, yet I am the sweetest thing you can ever have. Yes I'm a girl and I'm never going to trade me for anything. 
  10. Love yourself more than anyone else. It's a duty you owe to yourself.

Motivational quotes for employees

  1. Accomplishment is associated with even the very small winning. Start by conquering small territories, just like the place where you are right now. 
  2. Pain will be an acquaintance for a while before gain knocks him out.
  3. It doesn’t matter if you have missed a thousand shots in your career, if you give up you may never win.
  4. If you advance confidently in the direction of your dream, you may not meet success 5, 10 or 20km away but one thing is sure – you’ll definitely meet with success. 
  5. The harder you work the luckier you get. Hard work attracts good luck!
  6. Preparation is germane. You want to be a leader; you should first have a taste of what it feels like to be led by another person.
  7. Whenever I feel like giving up, I recall that the best revenge is massive success so I dust my shoes and hit the road.
  8. Feel free to make mistakes they don’t determine where you are going. They only pave shortcuts to getting there on time.
  9. Learn to appreciate where you are today, it only makes it easy a burden to bear. If you nag, it still would not change a thing.
  10. Don’t the distracted; the hunger to achieve is different from the desire to go a step further.

Motivational quotes for women

Motivational quotes for women

  1. The journey to self discovery is the best part of being a woman. You fall, you rise, you become fierce and full of fire that you can't hold back. 
  2. Time will come when all you got is yourself; that's the time to stay stronger than ever.
  3. As a girl you keep a circle of friends but as a woman, pick the sisters among them and let the friends go.
  4. You are the only being that acts as a channel to bring another life into existence, incubate and nuture it and let the world see what you have created. What more strengths do you need?
  5. Don't bend for society especially if its trying to rid you of your rights. 
  6. It's okay to be different. Reach out for your inner self and live out for every one to see.
  7. You confidence will never grow if you shy away from bigger challenges. Build your confidence by facing life head on.
  8. No one will give you power on a plater, you have to get it from someone who got careless with theirs.
  9. Spend less time talking and spend more time making it happen. 
  10. The person who loves you more than anything is not as far as you think. Look in the mirror you'll see.

Motivational quotes for love  

  1. The easiest gift to give is the gift of love. Don't stop spreading it.
  2. Don't be afraid to love because of fear of receiving nothing in return; for it is more noble to give than to receive.
  3. To live is to love both in good and nath time. Love is the essence of our existence. 
  4.  If the power of love supercedes the love of power, the world will only know peace and harmony. 
  5. Love for ones self is the instigator of love for others.
  6. Strength drawn from love is one that lasts for eternity. 
  7. If you get a chance at love, love like you are never going to get hurt. Live with love and you'll realize how colorful your world will be.
  8. Just like a roller-coaster, love is the thrilling condiment of life.
  9. If your institution is built upon love, no matter the hurt there is no end to it.
  10. Whoso desires love should be the first to take out his hand and extend love.
Do you feel like giving up on everyday? Does it seem as though you are not getting it right? How about just wishing your problems away? Certainly not! Such a time is the  time to pick up a motivational quote and stare right into the eyes of that problem.

Just as the proverbial saying advises an apple a day to keep the doctor away, daily motivational quotes a day keeps you inspired and geared up for living the best life you can ever live off everyday. Without the right kind of motivation, we will only be compounding worries, stress, life struggles that would eventually translate into a less productive life in general.

So before you leave your house each day, it is pertinent to practice a few positive proclamations that will spread around an aura of inspiration throughout the day.

If you got inspired by any of the quotes, feel free to drop your comments. Want to add your own unique quote? Kindly do that also in the comment section below!

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