How to Celebrate New Year [Special Ideas]

Its right about that time to usher in and celebrate the New Year 2019. At the stroke of midnight, cheers will be heard, vows will be made, resolutions anew, kisses will be shared, hugs will be given and colorful fireworks will light up the sky – making known the dawn of a new beginning. Reflecting upon the just concluded year, it might have ran from waking up early to a busy day at work, school stress; trying to find your little feet in a busy world. The clock keeps ticking all around busy. Little wonder we forget the fact that we are humans after all. But one moment that remind us that we are still mere mortal is the new year!

New year 2019 is just around the corner! For some the new year 2019 is an opportunity for a fresh start. A time to set aright unaccomplished visions or goals, a time to set and reach for the skies on all endeavor. Quite frankly, its a special time to celebrate. Whether you want to cross over to the new year 2019 with your special one, family or best friends, its totally up to you!
If you plan to have a nice celebration for the new year 2019 – here are some of the best ideasCelebrate-Happy-New-Year

How about our favorite Time Square

Over the years, the New York time square has been a favorite location for crossing over and celebrating the new year for both visitors and locals. Count down as the famous ball drops along a flagpole, bidding farewell to the departing year. You can plan to go with family and friends. As you are ushered into the new year there are lots of exciting cruises  available, parties, comedy, great meals, live shows all within the Broadway and seventh avenue. It is a fun and remarkable way to celebrate new year 2019. don't forget to write a wish and put it up on the New Year eve wishing wall.

Celebrate new year with family

You can enjoy a great time celebrating new year 2019 with family. Its more fun when all the extended family are well represented from your grandparents to your great aunt, cousins, nephew, nieces and all. You can decide to have a large family new year party, go out somewhere with the whole family. Organize a small family show where the kids can be the act, sing along beautiful songs and wait for the struck of midnight to wish each other a very Happy New Year 2019.

Celebrate New Year with friends

If you are somewhere far away from home, or stuck with responsibilities outside home, found yourself in a different country, does that mean you shouldn’t be satisfied celebrating the New Year at home? A boring new year celebration is not an option! Speak of a good omen for the new year. You can always have a great time with your best buddies around to cheer you up. Even if its just one friends, that’s a company. Go out with some friends, you can hop from one bar to another, try some continental cuisine in an uptown restaurant.

New Year is certainly what you make out of it – what matters is that you are celebrating after all!

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