How to Celebrate Birthday of Boyfriend

It is his birthday in a few days. You know – that special one that makes your heart skip a beat. But how do you celebrate birthday of boyfriend? You keep going on around different ideas, just like a roller-coaster. It’s easy to throw your own party but how about that macho guy with abs and around 6-feet tall? How do you simply blow him away on his special day? Oh you want to quit already and just send in a text of birthday wishes or have a bottle of champagne delivered to his house? There are quite a few more ideas on how to make your boyfriend feel extra special on his birthday

Here are Awesome 4 Ways You Can celebrate your boyfriend on his big day

1. Throw him a surprise party

surprise-party If your boyfriend is one who enjoys a good surprise, this would be a perfect way to get him off his feet. Throwing a surprise party is one of the best way to celebrate birthday of boyfriend. It doesn’t have to be just you two alone, it would be awesome if you could invite his distant family he rarely gets to see, his close pals and work buddies. The more the merrier they say. Create a fun theme you know he loves and I bet you its going to be one birthday celebration he won't forget in hurry.

2. Go on a camping trip

Go-on-a-camping-trip If your boyfriend is a lover of nature, a camping trip might just what he needs to make his day memorable. Outdoor activities are also a great way of celebrating your partner. If you have time and money and your boyfriend isn’t too busy, a romantic camping trip in the woods could be the perfect activity on this special day. Pick a destination close by and let it be just two lovers, enjoying the warmth of a camp fire, eating, drinking and making wonderful memories. If you don't mind the crowd, you can invite friends too!

3. Go on a romantic date

romantic-date If you still wish to keep things the old-fashioned way, simple and classy a nice romantic dinner would do the trick. Wanna keep things on a low? Take your boyfriend to that new fancy restaurant that just opened around the block and give him a treat of a lifetime.

4. Host a party for two

No one has to know its your partners special day. You could both just take the day off and spend it together at his place. Cook his favorite meals and be sure to prepare a mouthwatering dessert, rent a movie and most importantly don't forget to get him a special birthday cake. Just the both of you indoors, eating, laughing and getting cozy, like they say, two is company.

No matter how you choose to celebrate that special guy in your life on his big day don’t forget to get him a birthday gift. Men love to be pampered and spoilt with gifts just like women, no matter how tough he may seem. A simple ps4 or Xbox console would do the trick. More importantly, don’t forget to tell him how much you love him and how lucky you are to have him in your life.

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