How to Celebrate Birthday Alone

To think you are going to celebrate birthday alone could bring quite a scare or tear to the eye. Birthdays are one of the most important, super special days in the life of every human irrespective of age. What makes birthdays fun and endearing is having friends and loved ones over to celebrate with you. Just being there to cheer you up with wishes, gifts and whatnot.

But sometimes we may find ourselves having to celebrate birthday alone due to some unforeseen circumstances. In any case, should it end up a boring and an uneventful day for you? Certainly not! It is your special day after all and you should take all measure to ensure it turns out a great. Tell you what “I’m plus one today” is definitely worth a cake or a party. Can’t seem to get around ideas for celebrating birthday alone? No worries we have some of the best ideas in this article for you to pick from.

Awesome 20 Ideas of Celebrating Birthday Alone


1. Enjoy An Alone Time At Home Or Go To A Serene Environment

Take a day off, enjoy your a company with yourself, disconnect yourself from the world around you and reflect upon the previous year. This is necessary in order to determine if you have actually hit certain milestones in your life. It is also a great time to plan your life ahead too and make new progress-driven decisions. At the end of the day, you are left with even a better drive to carry on throughout your new age.

2. Take Yourself For A Spa Treat

If you just feel the need to be alone on your special day, there’s no need to think twice. Get a full body massage, body scrub or facial – anything you like! A spa time is an opportunity to pamper yourself, relax and ease off any compounding stress whilst enjoying a great time on your special day. You can spend the entire day at any spa of your choice!

3. Become Cake Boss For A Day

So you don’t have any friends coming over, you are just simply all by yourself. Does this mean you going without a cake on your birthday? Well that shouldn’t be an option. Cakes are birthday essentials and if you are not basically into baking, this will lend you an opportunity to try your under developed baking skills. You can try baking your cake all by yourself- trust it will be fun. But if you still reckon that this might turn out a disaster, then you can go on to order a cake online or from a shop – blow out those candles and make a wish.

4. Go See Your Favorite Play

With birthdays coming around once a year, here you have the opportunity to give yourself an unusual treat. Take yourself out to see that play that you have always wanted to see. Just purchase your ticket, make sure to get a front row seat and have a blast alone! Think about nothing else, just enjoy the moment!

5. Surprise Yourself With A Gift

Can it still be called a surprise? After all you walked into a shop and got it all by yourself. Well the idea around it is simply just presenting yourself with that thing you've always wanted. Whether its a designer wristwatch and chic denim, a flattering pair of glasses, a stylish pump(heels) or just about anything you want and present it to yourself on your special day. You can even gift pack the item and leave an inscription “from me to me”. Sound weird right? Its all part of the fun.

6. Plan A Healthy Day

If there is any day to stay healthy (literally), then it should be none other than your birthday. You can start out your day with some exercising. Exercise helps to clear the mind, relax your muscles and manage stress. Get outdoor and spend some time taking a walk around the neighborhood, engage in some hiking and connect with nature or simply take a long stroll along the beach basking in the sweet breeze of nature.

7. Go Out And Do Some Charity

What is life when you can’t reach out to another? What is life when your existence does not radiate a positive beam on the life of others? More so, why celebrate your birthday every year without ever reaching out to a soul “one time”. You can go out to an orphanage home somewhere and gift the kids with what you can afford, or simply transfer an amount to charity Quite frankly, there is this unbounded joy that comes with charity – putting a smile on the faces of others simply leaves you feeling fulfilled. What more feeling would you like on your birthday if not satisfactory?

8. Buy A Ticket To Your Favorite Artist/ Live Band Show

Your birthday is your big day! And if you are celebrating it alone, it doesn’t mean you should make it any less. You can buy a ticket and watch your favorite artist or band play live. Nothing beats that feeling of seeing your favorite star in front of you. So enjoy some time singing along with them as they perform – and feel every bit of the moment – why not give this a try.

9. Read A Book You Have Always Wanted To Read

If you are a reader, there is always this book you have wanted to read but just have not had time to do so. Why not read it on a day that you are going to celebrate your birthday alone? Start that motivational book, fictional or non fictional book you have always had on your list of books to read, curl up with it and you’ll just be surprised how the day will pass quickly whilst getting more inspired.

10. Go To The Movies Or Stay Home And Do A Movie-Marathon All By Yourself

Either way you are sure to have fun by yourself. Go to a cinema and after the movies you could treat yourself to a nice lunch or dinner. If you are caught up in a situation where you can't go to the movies, then a movie marathon right in your house is your next go-to option. Don’t forget to order some treat to keep you busy as you enjoy your movie alone.

11. Have A Regular Day

Although your birthday is a special day, it will only be special to “you alone” when people around do not have a clue that its your birthday. They may notice an unusual happiness radiating from inside out but cannot tell the reason why. In this way, you are free to go about your business as usual. This is especially when you are in a place where you do not have friends or family members – just go about your usual routine but don’t forget to put an extraordinary smile on your face.

12. Spend Your Day Journaling

When you find yourself celebrating alone on your birthday, it shouldn’t be a time for you to look distressed or think about how uneventful your life has been. It is a time to create an even better spark, spending your entire time putting in words all your thoughts and feeling in your diary. If you’ve never had a diary, its a good time to start one. You can also do something more intriguing – write yourself a love letter tell you how much you love yourself. Its one of the best thing you can do, write down the year you wrote it and it could be a part of your archive.

13. Dedicate Your Day To Some Photo Shoot Session

Here’s a time to pick out all of your best clothes lying around in your wardrobe for too long and put them to good use. Hire a photographer to take some incredible shots of you at desired destinations. You could gift yourself a canvas of one of the best picture from the entire collection.

14. Go On A Karaoke Date Night With Yourself

Head out into the city and locate the best Karaoke bar around town. Enjoy a wonderful experience whilst sipping on a glass of champagne. If you love singing, ask for an opportunity to sing your favorite song and having people singing along with you. You will feel totally fulfilled celebrating alone.

15. Spend Some Time Admiring Great Works Of Arts

If you are simply tired of planning birthdays every year, throwing parties, hosting a large number of friends and have decided to celebrate birthday alone this year, well when was the last time you visited an art center or museum? You can spend your day appreciating the beautiful works of art in that national or state museum or gallery. Just like nature, art is part of the amazing things that make life beautiful – so why not spend your birthday with arts!

16. Plan A Cheerful Vacation Alone

Save yourself a time of worry and plan a vacation alone. It could be a vacation on a nice beach side, feel free to do whatever you want to do. Sing, play, dance, drink, eat and enjoy your own company. You are the only one that can love yourself better than any other person in the world. It also creates a great time for you to meditate and reflect upon your life – give this a try, it spells a great birthday alone time!

17. Let Your Tears Flow Freely Holding Nothing Back

A great start – This is one of the best ways to start your day if you are going to celebrate birthday a lone. When I mean cry one your birthday, it is not the kind of cry that depicts unhappiness or years of non achievements and regrets. It is the kind of cry that says so much of “I’m grateful”, it is one that just lets all of those ill feelings that are deep rooted out of your system not holding anyone back. It is one that leaves you stronger just like a victorious comeback after a defeat. Later in the day, you can have lunch at a fancy restaurant all by yourself or dinner at your favorite spot.

18. How About A Bottle Of Champagne And You

Hope you have a favorite bottle of champagne. Get yourself a bottle and sit with yourself, celebrating your life. Be thankful for an opportunity of being able to witness the celebration of a new age. Spice it up a bit by getting dressed in your favorite clothes and have a sit in your bedroom or sitting room. Open the bottle of champagne and pour yourself a glass or two – this idea is just simple and WOW.

19. An Entire Day Of Shopping

I bet it will be one remarkable birthday, spending an entire day, going to different shopping malls, boutiques and shopping for all the best things you can afford. It doesn’t matter what you are shopping for whether daily essentials, a pair of boots you had planned on getting a few months back, feel free to take your shopping any where you want. How about if you don’t have money for so much – well who says window shopping is prohibited? You could just spend this alone time shopping within your space – this is going to be a special kind of fun for you!

20. Get Something Crossed Out From Your Bucket List

Many a number of us keep a bucket list of things to do but as life gets busier, we find ourselves into more tight schedules forgetting about all the things we want to do. Your birthday is an opportunity to cross out some of the things on your bucket list. It could be trying out skydiving, cliff jumping, jet-skiing, edge walk on Toronto's CN tower, go snorkeling, visit all of Disneyland's resort and them parks, go to a nude beach and countless crazy ideas.

In conclusion – Sometimes its not enough getting all the energy from connecting with friends or meeting new people. Sometimes all the energy simply comes from within us and at times like this we want to disconnect from the world and be on our own. This can as well happen on your birthday and you are left celebrating alone. Simply take all of the ideas that you think you must do with people around and re-create something more magical alone.

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