Celebrate Valentines Day in 20 Different Ways

Love is one of the most beautiful essence of life that is worth celebrating. Just like birthdays and anniversaries, it is important to celebrate love. And on this note, February 14th is one remarkable day that has been set aside to celebrate love yearly.

Although there are so many different legends holding in their account the origin of this celebration, millions of people all over the world still go ahead to celebrate valentines day.

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These legends have caused a lot of controversies to arise, making some persons opt out of the celebration of this day as they believe it has a striking connection with an old ritual dedicated to the honor of a then Greek god. Well that’s just one set of persons. Celebrate-Valentines-Day The next set of individuals who are “aficionados of love” just like you and me are left giving our best to celebrating valentines day – Talk about how much love we can spread! For these set of persons, it is a day to catch as much fun as possible with loved ones, presenting gifts and reaching out to people with a gift of love that puts a smile across faces.

There is the third set of individuals by the way – these are neither fans nor critics (non admirers), they just find themselves in between. These set of persons have quite indifferent perception about celebrating valentines day and so they just steer clear of it. To them valentines day is just like every other day as they have nothing special planned out, going about their every day normal activities. They so believe that love can be celebrate any other day, it is plainly not necessarily dedicating a day to celebrating love.

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Well enough said, lets talk about the views of different people who celebrate valentines day. For people who are in a relationship, whether young lovers, engaged pair and even married couples, valentines day hold something special and extraordinary. Celebrate-Valentines-Day 2 It simply presents them an opportunity to show their partners just how much they appreciate the time with them. On this day, beautiful memories are shared, more vows are exchanged, promises are made, millions of boxes of chocolates go missing from the shelves of supermarkets; cards, candies, flowers and innumerable stuffed animals also find themselves away from shops and with new owners.

But people in relationships are not the only ones who celebrate valentines day. Even employees see this as a great time to appreciate their employers, handing them gifts to let them know how much they appreciate the opportunity their employers have lent them by making them a part of their organization.

Next up we have students – students seize valentines day as an opportunity to show love to their favorite teacher, or staff in their school for their contributions towards expanding their knowledge. How about family members? Family members also engage in sending lovely gifts to each other on this special occasion. Friends jump on this opportunity, literally wrapping all their love in a small gift box, expressing how much these endearing friendships mean to them. Ask me about good neighbors and I'll tell you about those ones who come around knocking on your door with some valentine chewy chocolate cookies. Now tell me – what’s not to love about valentines day?

It just seems as though the world is brilliantly splashed with beautiful red colors on valentines day – well of course red is the color associated with love anyways so pretty much everything ought to revolves around red on valentines day. So whether you are celebrating alone, celebrating with your most precious friends, family or simply celebrating with that special one, you just have to get it right. As they say “if a thing is worth doing at all, its worth doing well”. quotes-of-valentines It is no news that once the new year celebrations are over, Valentine is the next most anticipated celebration all over the world. And when its just a few days to valentines day something incredible happens on the internet. Still trying to figure out what? – okay I'll save you those hours of wrong guessing already. There is a skyrocketed increase in the number of searches that search engines get on ideas bothering around valentines day celebration.

I’ll tell you why – this is because everyone wants to do something extraordinary, no lover wants to get it wrong, every friend wants to gift the best things that just show “i value our friendship a lot” or “I thought about our best moments together while planning this celebration”. So if you are stuck around what to do for your beloved one this valentine - whether to send a box of heart-shaped chocolate or a new pair of matching lingerie, or to take them out to see a romantic movie – you don’t have to worry anymore as we have spared you some ideas on how to celebrate valentines day in this article.

Here are 20 Different Ways You Can Celebrate Valentine's Day

You will find ideas that cut across different kinds of love; from romantic love, to love for family, love for friend and even lone ideas (in case you are celebrating alone)

1. Gift Your Loved One With Something Spectacular

Although the idea around gifting on valentines day can be dated back to the early 1700 in England, it is not old and less romantic. Up till the next valentine, thousands of persons will engage in showing love and celebrating valentines day through gifts. You can either send your loved one the standard box of chocolate, flowers, valentine card or do something that shows “I invested my time and all of my love into this”. Try to create and design a DIY small book that tells why you love them so much and how thankful you are about the years spent together.

2. Enjoy A Special Time Out With Loved Ones

As we are presented with this day that allows us reflect upon the power of love, you can either decide to stay locked away in your closet but no! A better idea is going some place fun with your loved ones. It could be with family or friends – you choose the crowd. You can decide to go on a valentine family date to an exquisite restaurant. Reach out to your best friends and pick a place where you all could meet up, share some good old stories that bind your friendship, get a good treat, remind each other about laugh and be happy. Just spend some quality time with the people you care about!

3. Go Out To A Place That Holds A Lot Of Memories For You And Your Partner

Go-Out-To-A-Place-That-Holds-A-Lot-Of-Memories-For-You-And-Your-Partner This is one blockbuster idea. It is by far one of the best ways to celebrate valentines day. The idea is to not let your partner in on this one. Just take them to that special place where you both share a good memory. It could be the place where you had your first kiss (the exact same spot if you can remember), you could try venue where you proposed to them, take them back in time to the place where you both said your first “Hellos” to each other. Reminiscence brings a lot of spark to love and you can try it with your date this Valentine’s day.

4. Get Your Partner Lost In A Scavenger Hunt

Here you are presented an opportunity to take gifting to a whole new level. You can write down some riddles, or questions about your relationship and ask your partner to answer the questions as they hold clues to finding the special gift you got for them. You can successfully plant you gift somewhere around town or even somewhere in your partner’s house and make the last question or riddle lead them to what you have for them. Even if its not a gift you could just have your questions lead them to your tickets to a couples event, show around town or something spectacular.

5. Create Your Own Custom Valentine Breakfast In Bed

Who wouldn’t like to use a reminder of I love you? Not just any kind of reminder, one that comes as breakfast in bed. I’m certain you’ll leave a tear in your partner’s eyes with this idea. While your partner is still asleep tie up some huge red colored balloon over the bed, throw some colorful rose petal around the bed and on the floor and prepare to create a breakfast that screams I love you and I’m the luckiest person to have you in my life. This ideas keeps a lasting smile on your partner’s face all day.

6. Travel Across Oceans To Celebrate Love In The Place Where Romeo And Juliet Had It

These fictional Shakespearean characters painted the best picture of love in words for million for persons in the world today. And where this amazing love story had its setting is in Verona (the city of Romeo and Juliet) - where the star-crossed love was birthed. Today, Verona is tagged the city of love and on valentines day each year, the city lines its streets with heart-shaped decorations embracing its role in the famous love story. You can plan a special trip with your loved one, visit Juliet’s house, visit one of the greatest opera theater in the world - “The Arena di Verona”. A trip like this is definitely worth it for your special one.

7. A Candle Light Dinner Can Never Be Old School

There are somethings that cannot simply go out of fashion. Just like brushing your teeth every day or having your bath, a candle light dinner can not be seen as archaic when it comes to matters that deal with love. And since many restaurants will be crowded with couple celebrating valentine, why not take your back to place that is more serene – like home! For this dinner, the menu should be a favorite dish of your partner specially made by you. Be sure to have your candles all lit up (including some sweet scented candles) a bottle of wine to start the evening with beautiful decorations of love around. After the dinner, you could present gifts to your loved one if you have one.

8. A Treat Time With Your Favorite Girlfriends

As much as we would most likely associate valentines day with partners or couples, our favorite girlfriends have been there for us through thick and thin. They’ve stuck around for years, lending the perfect shoulders to cry on and the best listening ears. In fact, thinking about life without them could make you feel miserable for a couple of minute. So while you still have the time you could just dedicate one of your valentines to your best girlfriend/ girlfriends. Try throwing a lingerie/ sleep over party with delicious food and drinks to keep you ladies engaged – it never hurts to indulge in some treats on valentines day. More so, a dress up party, mini karaoke party where you take turns in singing, a scavenger hunt time where you have them looking for gifts all night long in your house or around town.

9. Special In-House Spa Treatments Can Work A Valentine Magic

After having your time out celebrating with your date, bring them home and surprise them with a special treat like a massage – one they can afford at a spa, but only this time its even better because they are getting a touch of love. Be sure to have a room all set up like a spa and if you can get your hands on some spa essential- that’ll be perfect.

10. Extra Special Delivery To Your Partner

Although this is termed “extra special”, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve this. The idea around this is to send your partner similar gift at different time interval, say within a space of 30 minutes to one hour. Now you’ll set up a confusion in their mind as they wouldn’t know what you are up to. Well yes that’s a strategy! Having delivered a number of gifts, send yourself as the last gift. Take for instance you delivered six flowers the seventh one has to be you. You could come posing as a delivery person or singing your partners favorite song to them or a poem of your love for them.

11. Naughty Celebrations Do Rock Too

If you are going to try this be sure to have the kids over at their favorite aunts. Well if you do not have kids, well then you are lucky. Surprise your partner when he gets home from work with a big welcome sign that will catch his attention. The welcome sign could lead him to a note on the kitchen table, that leads him to a couple more trails. don’t forget to make him play a romantic music and the last note will lead him to your bedroom where you are waiting for him – and this is where we draw the curtain! Whatever happens behind that curtain is strictly between you and your spouse(lol)

12. Go On A Road Trip

This idea is great for family, and as parents you can take a day off from work to take a road trip with your kids. How about a romantic road trip for you and your partner? Want to try it with your friends? It will also be fun driving off a couple of hours with your friends, to catch a show on valentines day, see a sporting competition outside town or simply driving off to set up a picnic some place.

13. A Romantic Movie Is Good For The Occasion

If you don’t want some thing loud for your valentine, then a ticket to a romantic movie will be your best bet. If you still do not feel like going out, bring your cinema to the house. Invite your spouse over, have a romantic movie you could watch together, have popcorn and finger foods for you both to much on.

14. How About A Treat For Yourself

Treat-For-Yourself If you do not have a date, valentine should be a day for you to wear a gloomy face and feel sorry for yourself as you see couples holding hands, walking across the street. There is something called “self-love” and its an exciting part of the journey to discovering one’s self. Valentine can be a time for you to show yourself just how much you are proud of who you have become. Give yourself that special treat you have always wanted or take you to some of your favorite places. Take sometime to tell you that you are beautiful and important to the world around you, whilst reckoning some positive affirmations.

15. How About An Indoor Picnic

Indoor picnic? How’s that even possible? here’s the trick – clear up your living room, set a large mat at the center that spans across the living room. You can order food from a restaurant, pizza, burgers, french fries, or simply make them by yourself at home. If you are going to have this as a family picnic, you can also create a special moment with hand-made custom cards for every member of the family. Where you have the best things written about them with their picture and red decorations. If you are having this special time with friends, you can play some interesting games like truth or dare, take turns at saying something special about each other – let the chocolates and candies come in after sweet hearty talk.

16. Organize A Special Getaway For Your Spouse

Surprises are always enchanting and they create the best feelings ever, but those that come alongside a getaway trip are even more intriguing. You can make reservations for that place your partner always dream about and make their dreams a reality on valentines day.

17. Do Something Out Of The Box

How does a wine tasting tour sound? Even if your partner is not a fan of great taste, you can lend them an open invitation to participate in one. Check out the different wineries around the city and see how much your spouse knows about wine. Spend some time appreciating beautiful art works in a city gallery or museum, you can learn a thing or two. You can also give a go at star gazing - just spending hours staring at the stars and heavenly bodies and objects in the sky.

18. Gift Your Partner Your Time

You can never go wrong with giving time to your partner. Well I don’t mean gifting him or her a wrist watch but spending quality time with your partner. Enjoying an uninterrupted lone time with your partner and totally disconnecting yourselves from the world outside the entire day. Simply being together, staring at each other in the eyes and re-registering your vows, doing some fun stuffs together like cooking your favorite meals together, switch chores with your partner or schedule a game time for you two alone. Moments like this are priceless!

19. Reenact Your First Date

love-with-beloved-in-valentine-day Do you recall your first ever date? Where it was, at what time you picked her up, where you sat in the restaurant, what you ate? - if you do then this is simply one idea that will blow your partners mind away. Try to re-create everything just the way it happened on your first date.

20. Get Your Love Under Lock And Key At A Famous Spot

There are several love lock destinations in the world today where couples are seen locking their love and throwing away the key. This action depicts an unbreakable love that will keep them bound with each other, hopefully forever. Pont des Art Bridge is by far the most popular love lock destination situated in Paris. If you can afford a trip to any of the several destinations, it will be a splendid idea for you to celebrate valentines day with your partner.

Without a doubt, these ideas on how to celebrate valentines day are great but most importantly – strive to give out love everyday. See each passing day as an opportunity to reach out to a life. It doesn’t matter the impact of your reach – great or small, life is more beautiful when we share love. Invite your spouse over, have a romantic movie you could watch together, have popcorn and finger foods for you both to much on.

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