Best 20 Food Ideas For Birthday Party of Toddlers

When its party time everyone is pretty much present. Want to know who throws the best party around the block? Go attend a toddlers party! Yeah right, when a toddler is having a birthday party, you know the majority of guests on your gust list will be toddlers! No doubt, this might leave you stuck in the middle of no where, thinking about birthday party food ideas for toddlers.

You are sure about tying balloons around the house, throwing all the most colorful things around your  venue; but no, you don't want to go wrong of food! When it comes to a toddlers party, extreme care is expected to be taken especially with food. A toddlers party is not an excuse for loading kids with sugar. Oh well its a party anyways and they sure can have a little treat. But think about it – who would be comfortable or turn a blind eye to their toddler consuming so large an amount of sugar just because its a party? No one, not even you – so what you need to do is make your serving as appealing as possible while limiting the amount of sugar.

Here are 20 fun but healthy birthday party food ideas for toddlers

One thing to keep in mind is toddlers love to play and while they play, they learn a lot through play. Be sure to incorporate some colors and shapes while serving the healthiest of foods.

1. How about some magic wands 

Kids are always enthralled by fairies and magic wands. Every little princess wants to be the good fairy that will scare off a wicked witch. And what better way to serve them magic if not with a stick hanging on a beautifully cut fruit. Make fabulous wands by cutting a watermelon into a star and putting it on the end of a stick.

2. All favorite chocolate crackles 

Thinking about what to include on your menu for your toddlers party? They are a musts. Chocolate crackles are a few of kiddies delight. It is made from rice bubbles bathed in a mix of different chocolate just how you like it. You can have the mix set out in little mounds on colorful party papers and have them kept in your refrigerator until ready to serve. Get them looking more colorful with our all time sprinkles.

3. Colorful party drinks

Yes you can't afford to have a party without a drink. Just like adults,  toddlers like to have a few talks over a cup of drink at parties too. So when making your choice of party drinks, any home made fruit or vegetable juice is a great option. You could do a strawberry lemonade, lime and mint water, home made orange juice or just about any kind of freshly made juice you can afford. Don't forget to get them in some of the best colored party cups.

4. Baby pizzas 

Just the perfect size for toddlers – planning the menu for your toddlers party doesn't have to be a struggle, you can just keep it simple by making a couple of mini pizzas that are just the perfect size for toddlers to have in hand and grab their little bites while enjoying the party. Go with different topping for these pizzas so as to have a wide variety and be sure to incorporate some fruit pizzas and veggie recipe too.

5. Fruit kebab is never a party pooper

This is pretty simple and very exciting way to serve fruits to kids. Just call it fruit on a stick. Kids are always on the look out for these staples in parties. You can have five to seven different fruits, lined in a colorful way on a stick. From strawberry to pineapple, kiwi fruit, red grapes, blue berries.

6. Healthy smoothie/ ice cream

Healthy-ice-creamSometimes as parents, we may treat our toddlers to some ice cream on a cone. And if you are playing host to toddlers strive to keep it healthy. It is best to keep your head above water with your ideas. You can have some fruits cut in bits on the icream cone, or simply make your own fruit popsicle, fruit smoothie popsicles, strawberry dole (strawberry and milk is all you need) or any kind of smoothie that can get them feeling like they got ice cream. Another great example will be a banana and milk smoothie. You can simply make a healthy banana and milk smoothie and place it on an ice-cream cone just like ice cream.

7. Rainbow colored popcorn

When you hit kiddies parties, there is one thing you won’t find missing and that is a big bowl of popcorn sitting right at a spot where the kids can go grab some. Why not include a popcorn in the menu for your toddlers, however be sure to keep it low on sugar. Get the popcorn bathed in milk and drizzle some white chocolate over. Guess where the rainbow colors come in? Right there with our colorful sugar sprinkles. Sprinkle thousands to millions of colorful sprinkle over the popcorn and be sure to get this ready in time before the party gets started!

8. Classic mini cupcakes

Nothing says party like a birthday cake does. The best idea for cake is anything that is refined sugar free. A classic vanilla cupcake, a banana cake sweetened with honey, a coconut cake, apple cake just about any kind of cake that you can think about. Cakes are no party poopers – they taste just amazing. Play around with your frostings you could try some butter cream, yogurt cream cheese frosting, chocolate frosting and anything that spells attractive to toddlers. Get them in different colorful cupcake liners.

9. Mini toast burgers

The idea is staying as healthy as possible doesn’t mean they can’t have burgers. Burgers are fantastic, burgers are kids friendly snack. But instead of using a big bun to hold fillings together, try using a toast as it is much easier for toddlers to hold and grab a bite without struggle. Be free to get in whatever filling you like but make sure to get extra veggie in there. Get some mini burgers cooking right in time before the stars of the show arrive at your venue.

10. Fairy bread covered in rainbow colored sprinkles

Whats a more easy to make, yet healthy toddler party food idea? Try a fairy bread, they are just ideal. Fairy bread is simply white bread with salted or unsalted butter spread over, generously having hundreds to thousands of sprinkles like a color spree. Try these fairy breads well cut into different shapes using your cookie cutter.

11. Baby butter cookies

We are up for a little treat now and then but we still need to stay healthy when it comes to toddlers. Try your hands on an easy to make butter cookies, using common cookie ingredients. Using a cookie cutter you can cut them into different shapes, alphabets, numbers, objects etc. Get them looking colorful by sprinkling with decorator sugars, you can also have nutella spread, or maltesers on the cookies.

12. Pasta in sauce

Pasta in well sauteed sauce is also a great food idea for toddlers. There are so many healthy pasta recipes for kids that incorporate lots of healthy vegetables. Make a cheesy vegetable pasta with corn & carrot, or a creamy tuna pasta, chicken avocado pasta, bacon garlic mac and cheese pasta or you can try any other healthy pasta recipe that will keep toddlers asking for more.

13. Chicken nuggets with dipping sauce

This is a real crowd pleaser for toddlers. You can have your own home made mini chicken nuggets, and a dipping sauce as you wish. You could just resort to the classic old ketchup or go some other taste bud pleaser sauce like garlic Parmesan, avocado ranch dip, yogurt dip, tartar sauce dip, honey buffalo dip, honey mustard dipping sauce or any simple syrup dip – the choice is yours. Ensure to get the best things out there.

14. Fruity yogurt goodness

Yogurt contains probiotics and is definitely safe for toddlers. So crash your toddler’s party with some fruit yogurt. Plain/ organic whole milk yogurt is an ideal choice for toddlers since it contains little to no sugar. Add a couple of fruits in a blender and get your yogurt in. Blend the mix and there you have your fruit yogurt. You could also cut some of the fruit in the mix for a more tasteful adventure.

15. Kiddie potato finger fries

Toddler can afford to have some french fried at a party. Yes you can create your own healthy potato finger fries. Prepare your fries just the same way adults like it, but do a little extra. Cut your potatoes into little finger strips, roll them up in flour, dip them in bitten eggs, finally roll them up in bread crumbs and bake. Yes bake don’t fry! This reduces unhealthy fat consumption. Be sure to make some healthy vegetable deep that spells healthy.

16. Fruit and vegetable sandwiches

Sometimes when toddlers refuse to eat fruits and vegetables directly, mothers tend to hide them in between sandwiches. Sandwiches are also a great idea for toddlers birthday party. Simply sneak those healthy vegetables between toasted bread or bagels and cut them out to different shapes. For your fillings you can try an apple, cheese and ham filling; cucumber cream cheese, carrot and peanut butter, cheese, scrambled egg and tomato filling, just feel free to try your hands on the healthiest sandwiches fillings you can afford.

17. Strawberry dipped in chocolate

Strawberries and chocolates, don’t you just love them both? here’s an opportunity to give the kids both treaty and healthy. Our little ones sure will love this a lot. Try dipping strawberries into melted chocolate and allow them to dry. You can grow from melted milk chocolate bar, a blend of milk and white chocolate, dark chocolate or any mix you like. But here’s a healthy tip, if you are going to do anything with chocolate, do it with dark chocolate so as to keep the sugar levels down.

18. Mini healthy toddler pancakes

They’re mini, they look so yummy, yet healthy. They add the spice to your party food ideas for toddlers.  You can bake a sugar free pan cake and bath them in healthy syrup or honey. Try some banana pancakes, applesauce pancakes, pumpkin pancakes and lots of other healthy pancakes ideal for toddlers.

19. All shapes fruit salad 

Just as kids are attracted to bright color, you can have a couple of fruits cut out in colorful Disney inspired party plates. Cut your fruits in different shapes, from circles to squares, rectangles, triangles, star and watch the kids identify the shapes whilst munching on them. You can also make rainbow sticks with fruits. Some chocolate dipped strawberries is another great idea for a healthy fruit treat.

20. Mini sausages 

If you are playing host to a toddler’s party, look no further for any inspiration get to work and roll up some healthy sausages. These rolls are ideal for our little ones. They can afford to have their like bite one at a time.

Bottom line - Whatever the idea is, keep it simple, colorful and healthy but don't compromise on the taste – Be sure to make it taste great! Everyone enjoys great taste and our dear little ones also deserve some great taste. Try your hands on one or more of these ideas and you are sure to rock your toddlers world.

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