5 Delicious Food Ideas For Birthday Party

A Birthday is just one of the laudable milestones worthy of a party. Whether low key or over the top – it is your birthday after all. And when it comes to food ideas for birthday party, options are numerous. And while you may want to have all the food that you like at your party, it is advisable to incorporate varieties as you are dealing with tastes from different people. This is especially when you are throwing a big bash. Keep in mind the different ages that will be present for the party and plan accordingly – don’t just have all adult in mind while creating the menu if there maybe some little ones present.

Check out these delicious food ideas

That may just be right for your next party.Birthday-Party-Ideas-For-Food

Finger foods

Finger foods are food that people really like and want to see at a party. Its just something they can eat while walking around the party and having discussions here and there. They can serve as your appetizer before the main meal. You could make some mini pizzas, mini meat pies, chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, barbecue meat balls, french fries and dip, sausage rolls, hot dogs, sandwiches (be sure to have different fillings including veges). And who doesn’t love some yummy burgers in a party? Mini burgers are a great option for finger food too. The list is quite unending, just go on and be creative!


Pasta-Italian-Food You can make pasta with a colorful mix of different vegetables and grilled chicken and serve it as the main course. Macaroni and cheese is also a great option. There are lots of salad style pasta that are good for a party – you can try an avocado pasta salad or a strawberry pasta salad. How about going intercontinental? Ever tried some Italian styled pasta? They are really great and will blow your guests’ mind away.


Cakes-for-Birthday-Party Cakes are a staple for parties, especially birthday parties. A birthday party without a cake? What does it sound like – a meeting? Or house opening? You can have different kind of cake at your party and make your guests try each one of them. From coconut bundt cake to apple cake, coconut and lemon cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, red velvet cake, black cake, lemon and raspberry cake, ice cream cake and lots more. You can even have them as cup cakes, depending on what you want. The toppings could vary from buttercream or whipped cream to sour cream, chocolate frosting, peanut butter frosting, cream cheese frosting, lemon or red velvet frosting, ideas are simply innumerable.

Party drinks

Shake up some dazzling uptown cocktail drinks or a fruity vodka party punch to keep your party going. If your party has a theme, you can create your own signature cocktail drink to make your party stand out. When it comes to drink, nothing stops you from being creative with your styling as well as your presentation. Get those drinks in some of the most stylish bottles or glasses ever and mess around with your fruits (have your personalized drink stirrers with different alphabets, your guests names, your name or the theme of the birthday party). Just go for mesmerizing your guests!


Make sure you serve your guests with dessert as everyone loves to have dessert. You can have a chocolate chip cookie, orange frosted brownies, cream pie, apple pie, cheese cake, muffins, or just get our all-time favorite diary delight – ice cream! Simply amazing.

In conclusion – When you are planning a party, make foods that go a long way to keep your guest busy and at the same time something that won’t imply breaking the bank.

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