15 Special Ideas to Celebrate Birthday of Girlfriend

If you don’t know how best to celebrate birthday of girlfriend, quite frankly – you are not the only one lost in thoughts. Certainly, surprising a partner is what most persons want for their significant other on their special day. But most partners fear a bad turn out of event should their all-amazing idea not work the magic.

Don’t mind how this may sound but more often than not, when it comes to celebrating birthday of girlfriend, a lot of guys are totally out of ideas. I mean, they want to do something extravagant with a little romance, they want to gift something aside flowers or sexy lingerie, they simply want to do something that will blow their sweeties mind away. But where does this lead them? Stuck in shambles I guess.

Well if it is proving so difficult to celebrate birthday of girlfriend? No need to be boggled – we’ve got you covered with some of the best ideas before birthday wish.

Here Are A 15 Special Ideas On How You Can Celebrate Birthday Of Girlfriend


1. Become A Chef For A Day

What if you don’t know a thing about cooking? Well this only shows going above and beyond to make her feel like the most special person in the world. Take your time to learn how to prepare her favorite dish, some kind of food she looks forward to having (you could look it up in a recipe cook or watch her closely as she cooks anytime). Then invite her over for a romantic dinner made all by yourself- lets talk about astonishing a girlfriend!

2. Plan A Surprise Party For Her

You pull through with this plan, with the help of her close friends. Pick out a venue, it could be at your house or at a friends house. Send out invites to close friends especially friends you both share. Choose a party theme and let everyone come in this regard. Be sure to have the venue decorated in her favorite color and get some friends to help you plan for food. When all is set, you can have one of her family member or close friend walk her into the surprise!

3. Take Her To Dinner At A Fancy Restaurant

dinner-at-a-fancy-restaurant This idea is for a low-key celebration. You know she can’t just take herself to a fancy restaurant all by herself. So pick out a restaurant that she had always wanted to go to as she keeps talking about it. Depending on the kind of restaurant, be sure to make your reservation on time to avoid disappointments.

4. Plan A Trip

Trips can be expensive but you want to make this day special for her don't you? Plan a trip that works with your budget. It mustn’t be a weekend getaway or a few days trip. Depending on your budget, even a one night trip away from home in a special destination could mean the world to her. Make reservations for dinner when you get there, you could go see a show or if it is a local attraction be sure to get your admission already before you set off.

5. Deliver A Birthday Surprise To Her Workplace

If your girlfriend is a workaholic and might just be caught up with so much work in the office, remind her that you didn't forget her birthday and just show her how much you care by delivery a surprise to her office. A special delivery to her workplace or something delivered by you will total throw her off balance. You could send in a cake, a bouquet of flowers with the best words written on a card attached to it. Then wait for the evening to spoil her more with some treat at the close of work or a movie at a theater.

6. Spa Time

Who would not enjoy a time at the spa? Another way you can celebrate birthday of girlfriend is by taking her to the spa. Let her decide what she wants whether full body massage, facials, deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stones – let it be up to her. You could make it more interesting by bringing the spa. Do this simply by hiring a professional masseuse for a home service or offering her your own service. An-Event

7. Take Her To An Event

If she’s a sports lover, you can take her to her favorite sporting event. Surprise her with tickets to a music festival or event she has always longed to attend. Although the idea of an event ticket may not be inexpensive, it’s certainly not too over the top as a birthday celebration for the love of your life. Has she ever mentioned a particular show? Grab the tickets and take her there – you could keep her on the edge about where you are taking her to – that sparks a lot more surprise!

8. A Shopping Spree Says The Best Kind Of I Love You

Now point me to a lady who doesn’t enjoy shopping? I mean ladies love to shop and when it comes to clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories – you can never go wrong. Call it a birthday splurge for the one you love its totally worth the trouble. And yes while she’s taking time picking out some pairs, be a kind gentle man and wait patiently. Thing is – women can go hours of shopping without catching a breath so be ready to dedicate your whole time to this – this ideas is simply a smasher, what are you waiting for?

9. Go A Little Extra On Gifting

Ever tried a customized V Neck style T-shirt with that special name you call her boldly written on it? Also, you can try a T-shirt with pictures of you both impressed on it. You can even go a bit more over the top with a set of panties that have your name on it, a funny memories between you two, an “i ain't leaving my boyfriend quote” or just about anything that you know will appeal to her. The smallest of gifts go a long way in creating a long lasting impression.

10. Do Something That Spells Adventurous

Take a long drive into nature or take a walk on the wild side, the choice is yours. You can take your girlfriend on a road trip in an RV and stop by at a camping site. If you like a lone idea, giving you both an awesome “Us time” you should consider boondocking. How about hiking? Or joining a group on an adventure road trip – totally awesome ideas!

11. Take Your Time To Make Her A Handcrafted Gift

Time is by far one of the most precious gifts you can give to anyone – I can openly admit it anywhere. And when it comes to the one you love, when you spend time making something special for her, there is no chance she wouldn’t be totally impressed. While a lady would admire a bracelet with heart shaped diamond stones on it, she will even more appreciate a hand crafted bracelet made by you. As much as a card picked out from a supermarket shelve seems ideal, a beautifully designed homemade card will simply make her delighted.

12. Take Her Back In Time With Some Reminiscence

You can create a scrapbook or photo book that holds all of your past and present memories -from the oldest to the most recent. If you are good at keeping dates, include the date of any special occasion on the page where the picture goes. But don’t be so fast, before you give her this gift, take her to a place where you both share your best memories together. It could just be the place on the first page of the photo book – absolutely magical!

13. Plan A Surprise Birthday Picnic

Right under the sky and in nature, carefully plan a well organized picnic for two. Make her to walk into the surprise. A pleasant opportunity to spend some time engaging with one another and don’t forget to remind her how much you love her (we ladies never get tired of hearing it). It’s a small party and all you need are basically a birthday cake, finger foods, a bottle of wine, glasses, blanket, small music box to play some romantic songs.

14. Plant Tons Of Sweet Love Notes Around The House

This is something that will keep her feeling special all day long. Start at placing a note on the table beside her bed, then proceed to hiding one note in the bathroom (you could wrap it around her tooth brush), get one note inside her favorite coffee mug, one in her purse and any other place where you think she’ll uncover.

15. Buy Her A Box Of Chocolate

Okay this sounds a little ordinary but how about replacing some of the chocolate with tiny gifts such as a ring, necklace or pendant that can easily be wrapped in the chocolate wrappers. She’ll never know what she’s up for!

In conclusion -  While getting into one of these ideas, don’t forget to ask her what you could do to make her happier. This is a powerful question that tells a lot about how much you value your relationship with her, whilst setting up a better communication between you both. Because at the end of the day, what matters is the love you both share, the priceless moments that cannot be forgotten, and the world you are building together.

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