10 Awesome Ideas to Celebrate Birthday at Home

What beats that ecstatic feeling we get on our birthdays? Talk about a classic New-York-styled bagel?- Well I don't think so. Ever seen a child blowing out those candle on his birthday cake? Tell you what- nothing beats that! The atmosphere at that moment leaves every one borrowing a smile from the celebrant – Totally magical! This excitement and feeling is the same for kids and adults alike. When celebrating your special day, while you may want to go out in a park, throw a large picnic at some location, zip-line through forests, host a pool party somewhere, par-ascend above an ocean, lodge at one of the picturesque Hawaiian beaches or do something outside home – think again, you can actually throw your party right at home! After all, who says you can't enjoy a great time celebrating your birthday at home?

In all honesty celebrating birthday at home helps you cut cost whilst hosting a number of persons and creating some of the most pleasant experience. Remember how the saying goes "there is no place like home" – and well, if it is not at home with family, friends and well wishers, where else? A low-key birthday celebration at home is no less fun than an outdoor party. Scratch that! Truly, all you need to do is be in your best frame of mind, embrace the moment, dance, eat, sing, laugh, have a smile hanging over your beautiful face all day long.

Still unsure of what to do on birthday? Here we have countless ideas on how to celebrate birthday at home that will just blow your mind away.

Here Are 10 Awesome Ideas On How To Celebrate Birthday At Home


1. Throw A Themed Party

A good retro theme party at home with family and friends over will take you from boring to the party of the century. It could be a back to prom party styled party, a 1960s themed party, a princess party with every one having a tiara on, a cowboy styled party, masquerade ball, or just about anything you want. Its totally up to you! Be sure to estimate the number of guests you are expecting, so you don’t go wrong on the food. Keep the food simple but don't forget to include lots of varieties on the menu. Spice your party up a bit with different games rolling in – games are always fun both for young and old.

2. Host A Pool Party

If you have a pool at home, just throw your own pool party right at home. Go simple with a bright them and get your pool side decorated in line with the theme of the party. Set some music rolling to get the party started. While you are planning for food and drinks, some signature cocktails in stylish glasses, don't fail to offer lots of snacks, finger foods and treat to keep every one busy. Get lots of inflatable pool toys in your pools to keep your guests splashing the fun. Don’t forget the umbrellas and relaxation seats for people who would love to relax in the shade.

3. Throw An Outdoor Picnic

Although you would only go as far as your backyard, you can plan a picnic that will feel just the same as setting off for a park, forest reserve or a beach side. If there’s a little garden in your backyard, that will be a perfect spot. Whatever the menu idea is, be sure to grill up some hot dogs, steaks, burger. Just as games are a staple on the picnic scene, be sure to incorporate some popular outdoor games. One of the best home birthday celebration ideas you can try – plan for your next birthday!

4. Make Your Home A Cinema For One Movie-Marathon Night

A-Cinema-For-One-Movie-Marathon-Night Movie time is always fun and interesting especially when you are hanging with friends. If your big screen television doesn’t spell “the movies”; just rent a projector for the night and invite a few friends over. Simply hang a light colored solid sheet on your wall for displaying the movie. This idea is great for both kids and adult and the movie to be displayed should be age-appropriate. Make sure to have pop-corn and some light drinks available – after all you are making your home a cinema for one night.

5. Cake Decoration Party

This is a great party idea as it keeps your guests busy. Everyone loves to eat cake at a party but why not let them decorate the cake just the way they like. Make a number of small plain cakes enough for your guests, prepare plenty different colors of cake frostings and sprinkles and let your guests decorate show their creative sides. Have some take home boxes available so that your guests can take their cakes home with them if they wish. This is one party that your friends will not forget in a hurry.

6. A Pizza And Game Night

Instead of going snorkeling, swimming with turtles, why not have your friends over and throw a pizza party instead. Who will say no to a chicken mushroom pizza? You could order different types of pizza from a local pizza delivery near you, or buy pre-made dough with plenty of toppings made available to your guests. Draw up a long list of games to keep you and your friends engaged all night. You can start at monopoly, dive into checkers, a couple of card games and even our all favorite truth or dare(feel free to go as crazy as you wish on your dares) – what better way to celebrate birthday at home!

7. Dress-Up Party

Dress-Up-Party Celebrate your special day with your friends. Let them try their hands on different styles with the dresses you will provide them. Dress-up party is always fun. Make available some fancy cowboy hats, tiaras for people who would love to look like a princess, have a couple of make-up items available, masks, get some ballerina tutu, pajama, denims, ugly sweaters, some wigs, stethoscope(for the doctor of the party), runway clothes, Brazilian cultural clothes, vintage style clothes, any thing goes. You can decide to take it to the wild where everyone will have to dress like anything but human – lions, cat, frog, monkeys – just anything but human. Just have these items, clothes and all lined up on a table in your living room and let your guests dress-up spontaneously as they choose. Absolutely an amazing way to celebrate birthday at home.

8. All Denim And Dessert Party

Who doesn’t have a pair of denim in lurking in their closet? Pretty much anyone does. Why not try a denim party? Have your friends don on their favorite denim for your next birthday party at home. Let everything be decorated with denim, from your birthday cake looking like a denim jeans to your wall decoration, living room couch – let your your party scream denim. And don’t be afraid to serve only desserts. Remember its a denim and sweet tooth party. Make a lot of luscious dessert options available, from banana puddings to margarita cup cakes, cheese cakes, ice cream, whoopie pies, brownies, lemon cream sandwich cookies, chocolate oatmeal bars, the list goes on and on just make sure to get them the sweetest tooth!

9. Casino Night

When it comes to casino and gaming, all road leads to Vegas. But if you can’t afford a trip to Las Vegas with your friends on your birthday, who says you can’t bring Vegas to your home? Still wondering if your home can ever look like a casino? Well you can never tell until you give it a try. Your living room is the ideal place to do this. Try to set it up just like a casino. It could be one large table or two different table – set up that blackjack table and get your guests feeling like they are in Vegas. Be sure to have casino themed foods and drinks to keep the party rolling.

10. Karaoke Night Party

A karaoke party is a great idea and it doesn’t have to be at that karaoke bar. You could turn your living room into a karaoke bar with a small stage just as you want. Have your friends over and be sure to have plenty of drinks on hand as you prepare to sing your favorite song in front of them and give your guests an opportunity to sing too. Just laugh, dance, get your 15 minutes of fame and be blown away with how your birthday party turns out. Be sure to have lots of food also available for the night – try your hands on a couple of home made recipes. This is one of the best birthday ideas ever give it a try! Don't forget to read - Celebrating Birthday Alone!

  In conclusion – Birthdays are always a pleasant time both for adults and kids. And you know what? It can only be as fun as you make it. Why not make the most of your birthday at home? Now while you are getting your home set for the party, don’t get carried away and forget about the most important thing – your birthday cake! What’s a birthday party without a cake?

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